Developmental Guidance Plan

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Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program
CNDV 5330 Developmental Guidance
Final Project
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Part I. Foundations of the CDGP
1a. What is the importance of an advisory team.
The school advisory teams helps to develop the comprehensive guidance curriculum plan; it reviews data that helps to keep the school informed regarding the schools needs and trends. The school advisory teams monitor the implementation of the guidance plan and develop strategies for improvement. 1b. List the potential team members of your advisory committee (e.g., school staff and community members): School Counselors, teachers, Administrators, Students, and Community Agency Members 2a. What is the importance of the School Mission Statement? The Mission Statement helps to determine the direction of the school. It also contains important information about the educational organization of the school. It details what the school does, its students, teachers and the services offered (Dollarhide & Saginak, 2012)

2b. Write your statement
The Mission of James Madison High School for Meteorology and Space Science is to equip our students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century by providing a “hands-on” commitment-oriented curriculum that promotes skill development for gainful employment and academic excellence for college preparation. 3a. What is the importance of the Counseling Program Mission Statement? The Counseling Program Mission Statement assures that the counselors are doing an effective and ethical job. It also assures that the counselor is adhering to the guidelines of the school program. 3b. Write your statement

Our mission is to support each student and though career development by assuring to address each students individual needs. The comprehensive guidance program will facilitate and deliver activities that work within a collaborative effort of home, community and school. The school counselor will foster and nurture students so that they will become responsible productive citizens who will be able to effectively manage the increasing challenges of the 21st century. 4. Why might is be important to develop a personal counselor(s) mission statement? Writing a personal counselor mission statement is important because to establishes what goals and objectives are important and allows the counselor the opportunity to make a commitment. It provides direction for the guidance curriculum program. It allows the counselor to work as a part of the professional school team to address personal, social and academic issues. 5. List (by letter, number and title, e.g. A5a Appropriate Referrals) of the ASCA standard[s] that pertains to this section. A1b Responsibilities to Students, A3a Responsibilities to Students, A3b Responsibilities to Students, A3C Responsibilities to Students, C1a. Responsibilities to Colleague and Professional Associates, F4 Collaboration to the Profession

Part II: Understanding the Importance of CDGP Components
1. Why is the Needs Assessment Summary important? In your response, use your own needs assessment as an example. Facilitating effective communication between school counselor and principal is essential in developing an optimal working relationship within the school community. As a result, these collaborative relationships enable a more effective match between the needs of the student population and the services that the counselor provides (Stone & Dahir, 2012). One effective measure for assessing the need of the school campus is an interview format, which allows the development of conversation between the counselor and administrators regarding the needs of the students on the school campus. The interviews also provide an opportunity for the counselor to describe the services that they are able to provide (Stone & Dahir, 2012).

2. Name and describe the usefulness of four instruments or methods of assessment a. Data analysis- allows for data to be analyzed and interpreted to...
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