Developmental Characteristics of a Child with Autism

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In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
in SPED 19 – Research in Special Education

October 26, 2009
First Semester
S.Y 2009-2010



Isolated in worlds of their own, children with autism appear indifferent and remote and are unable to form bonds with others. Although people with this brain disorder can display a wide range of symptoms and disability, many are incapable of understanding other people's thoughts, feelings, and needs.

In this study, one can be able to understand better about autism specifically on the motor developmental characteristics autistic child, the factors that affect this development and how these are being developed. With this, you can be able to give such interventions whenever it is needed and you will know how to interact with them properly.

As a parent, teacher, or a student, you may know the frustration of trying to communicate and connect with children who have autism. You may feel ignored as they engage in endlessly repetitive behaviors. You may despair at the bizarre ways they express their inner needs. Moreover, you may feel sorrow that your hopes and dreams for them may never materialize.

But there is help-and hope. Gone are the days when people with autism were isolated, typically sent away to institutions. Today, many youngsters can be helped to attend school with other children. Methods are available to help improve their social, language, academic and motor skills. In that manner, many children with autism can be trained to do meaningful work and participate in the life of the community. A. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY:

This research was conducted in Agripino P. Santos Elementary School located in Brgy. 4, Laoag City. It is a two-storey building. The special children has its own classroom located at the first floor of the building infront of the Principals Office. There are different kinds of cases found in that Special Class which includes Down’s Syndrome, Dyslexic children, Physically Handicapped and Autistic children.

The researcher focused only to one autistic child namely Brian Dolana. His class is in the morning session that starts at ten o’clock and ends around eleven o’clock. They are five autistic pupils in that particular Special class. B. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

This study aims to describe motor development of a child with autism. More specifically, it answers the following questions:

1. What are the developmental characteristics of a child with autism?

2. What are the factors that affect the developmental characteristics of a child with autism?

This research can be a big help to the following:
1. For the teachers to have an idea on how to establish developmentally an appropriate learning activities for the developmental characteristics of a child with autism and having this informations, they will understand that such activities that given to the autistic child can help them to have a better concentration and teacher s may learn the importance of such interventions that they will do for the child.

2. For the parents to have a knowledge regarding on the factors that affect the developmental characteristics of a child with autism so that they will give the appropriate treatment for their child.

3. For the students to have a better basic understanding of child development specifically on the developmental characteristics of a child with autism because it will help them to learn how to mingle properly with those kind of people and they will know how to treat them well.


Autism. This refers to the developmental disability that severely hinders the way information is gathered and processed by the brain, causing problems in communication and social behaviors. ( Autism Society Philippines )

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