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Topics: Zambia, Zambezi, Luangwa River Pages: 7 (2720 words) Published: March 13, 2013
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NAME: Fredrick Ngwenya
PROGRAMME: Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies
COURSE: Foundation of Development Studies, DS 1.
LECTURER: Mr. Moonga H.Mumba
QUESTION: Define the concept of Sustainable Development. Why do we need sustainable development for a country like Zambia? And is it attainable? TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0966/0977 633 469 or 254 710
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Sustainable Development seems to be a new terminology but it is a familiar concept, it is a cross cutting phenomenon that affects many spheres. Phrases like “cost effectiveness” or “use minimum input for maximum output and outcome” are synonymous with sustainable development. These concepts have been necessitated by the fact that the earth is the only source of natural resources, which most of them cannot be replenished. To explore the subject matter further, we will look at its definition as stated by some experts and why we need to implement and possibly attain it in a Zambian context. It is easy to sustain human species through procreation as we are very much associated with ecology, therefore the issue of contention is the strain that we are putting on our surrounding; the more we procreate, the more we demand on our environment to sustain our living on planet earth. The demands are as a result of human innovation at the quest of improving livelihood. This has caused a huge challenge to mankind because the human life may not be sustained if the earth is over stretched of the available resources, this is a worldwide challenge because earth as a single planet is affected by what happens in the Northern hemisphere causing effects in the Southern hemisphere and vice versa, meaning that the challenges that Zambia may face in attaining sustainable development could have been triggered from elsewhere, and these challenges could be social, economic and/or environmental. See (Thomas, 1995). Therefore, sustainable development is the selflessness use of resources with the aim of sharing with some people in time or in future according to (Coetzee,Graaf,Hendricks & Wood ,2001). Unlike a verse in the bible in Matthew chapter 6:26 which may be interpreted as saying the seven billion world population should not worry about tomorrow or the future because they do not know what tomorrow or the future will bring, the birds they neither sow nor labour but they live on. Indeed, the birds live on at the mercy of the world’s population. This verse somehow influences some people to misuse what they have earned by being careless and selfish in the pretext that tomorrow will come. The foreign investors exploit the minerals in the name of developing Zambia but put their interest in making huge profits more than in uplifting the living standards of the poor people at the expense of the future generations which will not explore the infrastructures as minerals but they will need a big chunk of natural resources, minerals or copper to sustain their livelihood as well according to the challenges of that time argues (Coetzee.,et al 2001). The Zambian society need to be sensitised so that they know the benefits of using the resources wisely, the process of awareness must take into account the life style of the community and the challenges they face in their surrounding. In the rural areas of Zambia the major challenge is the depletion of the natural resources such as deforestation due to cutting of trees for energy, clearing land for farming, mining and urbanisation, over fishing, poaching and encroaching on wild life habitation, though one may argue that humans were once wild beings because they lived in trees, but then the human...
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