Development Psychology of My Friend

Topics: Reinforcement, B. F. Skinner, Teacher Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Development Psychology helps us understand how people deal with situations. Those situations can be dealt with differently according to the age the person is. My friend Eshaan’s challenge with dyslexia shows this. The way in which Eshaan dealt with dyslexia shows the psychological concepts of negative reinforcement, assimilation and trust vs. mistrust.

I was born and spent my childhood in Nepal until I came to the United States at the age of 16. Those days were my golden days, the time I went to Boarding School, far from my parents learning and living with my classmates. Everyone, including me liked the school and with no hesitation, we all stayed together and learned new stuff except for one friend whose name was Eshaan. I just treated him as my good friend but did not hang out with him all the time. The reason he did not like the school was that he had difficulties with reading, writing and figuring out the things being taught quickly compared to us. The principal and his parents later realized that he had something called Dyslexia, is a disease/condition when the person has reading or writing disorders and are bit educationally backward compared to the normal student or people.

One concept seen in Eshaan challenge is Pavlov’s experiment of negative reinforcement. Eshaan was born in a small family consisting of his father, mother and his elder brother. He was loved so much by everyone in his family because he was the youngest; he seriously took advantage of this and grew up with so much stubbornness. However he behaved, it can be stated that it was all the fault of his family and the way they brought him up. He went to a public school in his home town before he came to the boarding school and he was so careless and did so bad that everyone was frustrated with him. I came to know that his parents forcefully brought him to the boarding school far from them when he was nine. This is an example of negative reinforcement because he did not do well in his...
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