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Introduction   to Project  Management 

Introduction to Project Management

A methodology to manage development projects for international humanitarian assistance and relief organizations

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Introduction to Project Management

Project management is not a new management fad; it is a professional practice that has reached wide acceptance in many industries from government to technology. Organizations that have adopted project management as a key competency have benefited from improved project outcomes to significant competitive advantage. Unfortunately, there is very little material on project management written exclusively for the development and humanitarian assistance sector. Most of the information available to development organizations focuses on the funding and monitoring and evaluation process; but there is little information about all the management competencies, methodologies, and practices required to manage a project from beginning to end. Development organizations are facing increasing demands to do more with less, from becoming catalysts of change in the communities they serve to deliver the project on time, under budget and in the quality not only expected but also demanded by donors and beneficiaries. To face these challenges development and humanitarian assistance organizations are in urgent need of the tools, practices methodologies that a well established project management methodology can provide, one that has been quite successful in other industries. Donors are requiring better controls and more professional managerial competences in the staff responsible for managing projects, it will not be a surprise that in the near future this competence is not only required but also demanded. It is PM4DEV’s belief in the need for a new project management methodology that responds to the current challenges development challenges face today. Gone are the days when a technical competency in a developing field was all that was needed to run a project. Today’s development projects are more complex and require the participation of more stakeholders, the coordination between different specialist from different fields, and the need to innovate different approaches to solve complex problems. Many years of experience managing projects have convinced us of the need to increase the use of project management practices in development organizations; this document is one small step to help

Introduction to Project Management develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter from a new perspective. In 2005 PM4DEV started expressly to help development organizations increase their skills and knowledge of the modern practices of project management. This document and others produced by PM4DEV are an effort to provide management expertise to development and humanitarian assistance and relief projects, donors and any other organization that funds, supports or implements projects, to help them achieve their goals to reduce poverty and increase the well being of the most needed people on our planet. It is our objective is to provide project managers with a guide to help them plan, implement, and monitor projects. We also aim to provide development organizations, that manage projects in many parts of the world, with a methodology to plan, implement, and monitor projects in a more consistent, reliable and predictable...
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