Development Planning for a Career in Business (P5)

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Development planning for a career in Business

In this assignment i will be explaining the term ‘Transferable skills’ and giving examples of where they would be relevant in the workplace. Transferable Skills are any type of skill that you have acquired throughout your life and can include workplace or job skills, hobbies and interests and social skills. These are classed as transferable and can be applied to anything you wish to do in your job. Examples are as follows

Problem solving
Interpersonal skills
Transferable Skills
Initiative – It is important to use your initiative now a day’s because that it was employers look for, employers will want someone who finishes all their work and still has time on their shift to start working on something else without being told what to do all the time. Using your initiative is the ability to see opportunities and to set or achieve goals. It is important to use your initiative because if you have completed all your work and no-one is around to show you what to do then you can use your initiative to find something else to do.

Problem Solving – Problem solving is a good skill to have for example if you applied for a job in a bank the employer will look to see if you have good problem solving skills as this will the customers when they have any queries. Problem Solving is thinking things through in a logical way in order to determine key issues and often also including creative thinking. Problem solving is important because if there is something wrong within a certain organisation then people can brainstorm together to try and determine a way of stopping the problem. •Communication – Communication skills are important because if you are a manager in a business you will need to be able to speak clearly so that the employee knows definitely what they have...
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