Development Plan and Control

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rDevelopment planning is practised in all three tiers of the Government in Peninsular Malaysia. At the national level, development planning is guided by the National Physical Plan (NPP) and other sectoral national policies that are passed by the Cabinet. They address the strategic issues of national importance and provide the overall framework for subsequent drawing up of the other more detailed Development Plans. Contextually, development planning in the country operates within the stated goals outlined in Vision 2020. Similarly at the state level, development is guided by the State Development Plans, and other national sectoral policies that are formulated from time to time by the respective state governments. Local level physical planning is carried out and regulated through the statutory development plans, in the form of Local Plans and Special Area Plans, prepared by the local planning authorities. It deals primarily with more detailed and site specific land use allocations and spatial development of each locality and community needs.

An effective national physical planning system should necessarily involve both top-down and bottom-up approaches and it is also crucial that the national spatial policies are incorporated into and integrated with the other sectoral policies, strategies and programmes. While the NPP sets out the general directions and priorities of the overall physical development of the nation, the Regional, State Structure and Local Plans will in turn provide significant more detailed strategic thrusts and targets on the states’ aspirations in respect to the future development of the State and Local Authority areas. In the event of any policy or major issue conflicts, discussions will be held with stakeholders concerned to rationalise and reconcile any discrepancies inconsistent with national interests and state aspirations, particularly the achievement of Vision 2020.

Malaysia practices a plan-led development system. This means that any development of land and buildings, require planning approval from the Local Planning Authority. Planning permission will be granted if the development is in conformity with the statutory Local Plan, such as technical agencies requirements and public objections. In general, the town planning system has served the country well in facilitating rapid development and enhancing the quality of life without compromising the environmental quality and heritage resources of the locality. The planning system is however continuously evolving to respond positively to new emerging trends and changes, such as increasing demand for more public engagements and appropriate spatial adaptations to combat climate change, to face the wider uncertainties of the 21stcentury. In preparing the national spatial framework for Peninsular Malaysia, account has been taken into consideration of the global commitments of the Malaysian government for concerted local plans actions as a signatory to the various international conventions and agreements.

National Physical Plan
The National Physical Plan (NPP) sets out the national strategic spatial planning policies and measures taken to implement them in respect to the general direction and broad pattern of the land use and physical development and conservation in Peninsular Malaysia. The first NPP prepared in 2005 was made under the provision of Section 6B of the Act 172. It has been approved by the Cabinet on the 20th April 2005 and by the National Physical Planning Council (NPPC) on the 26th April 2005. This approval means that the National Physical Plan must now guide the physical planning and implemented at the federal and state governments in Peninsular Malaysia, and so on:

1) Policies of the National Physical Plan should be coordinated with other sectoral policies related.

2) The recommendations of the National Physical Plan should be detailed in the Structure Plan and Local Plan forms the basis for the development of all...
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