Development Perspective of Le Reve Resort

Topics: Sustainability, SOCCSKSARGEN, Poverty Pages: 14 (4308 words) Published: September 7, 2008

This paper aims to describe the development perspectives of Le Reve Resort, both in the business and the community level.

It begins with an overview of the Resort and how it came about in Kisante. Then, the paper covers the social, economic, and political conditions in Kisante, Makilala, Cotabato where the resort is situated, as well as the major global trends affecting the Resort. It is in this part that the supply side of the business is presented as a major basis of the Resort’s planned sustainable development efforts and development strategies to be used.

The writer also recognizes the idea that the demand side of the business, that is, the Resort’s existing and potential customers, is important in choosing sustainable development initiatives. For this study, regions XI and XII customers are given attention because the Resort’s visitors are mostly from nearby provinces and cities. For one, Le Reve resort is located in Kisante, Makilala, Cotabato (Region XII); and secondly, Le Reve is just a two-hour drive from the City of Davao (Region XI).

The succeeding parts, then, identify the proposed sustainable development actions and strategies. Also included in this paper is the diffusion campaign in Barangay Kisante in order to bring about positive change quickly and sustainably.

Lastly, this paper deals with the application of concepts in development perspectives that have relevance to the study.

I. Brief Background

Le Reve is a five-hectare inland resort. It boasts of four (4) free swimming pools fed with cool natural spring water originating from the foot of Mt. Apo. Its facilities include cottages, fishpond, lodging rooms, as well as a flower garden. It is also connected to a forested area where fruit-bearing trees can be found. The resort is located along the national highway of Kisante, Makilala, Cotabato, a two-hour drive from the City of Davao and approximately thirty minutes away from Kidapawan City. The place is ideal for retreats, seminars, and social events. One of the appeals of Le Reve to guests is the province's cool and humid climate. There are no typhoons but rainfall is frequent in the area.

Le Reve was founded by the couple Luisa B. Balagot, a former elementary teacher, and Antonio M. Balagot, a former professor at the University of Southern Mindanao and Provincial Agriculturist of Cotabato. Antonio’s interest in inland resorts dated back to his out-of-the-country trip experience at France. In fact, it was in France that the name of the resort, Le Reve, which means “the dream”, was originated. It was a modest beginning by the couple to sell their house and lot property, as well as their agricultural and educational supplies business in Kabacan in order to move in Kisante, Makilala for a new life as businessmen. They initially bought three (3) hectares of land where the resort's first swimming pool for adults and a kiddie pool were positioned. They were granted the license to operate on January 1985, and at that time, they only charged people with a P5 entrance fee.

By 1987, they had managed the construction of another swimming pool. Promotion was only through word of mouth but they saw the positive response of the market, so that by 1989, they were able to acquire bigger lot which allowed them to make the fourth pool, the multi-purpose hall and other improvements.

II. The Socio-Economic Conditions in Kisante, Makilala and the Global Trends (Supply Side)

2.1 Kisante, Makilala

Kisante is one of the 38 barangays in Makilala. According to the August 2007 census, Kisante has 4,154 out of 71,543 people in Makilala, some of whom are indigenous people. Makilala is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Cotabato. The economy of Makilala is largely agriculture-based. Its people are into rubber production and other agricultural crops such as corn, and banana. Coconut plantation occupies 8.65 percent of its total land area. Aside...
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