Development of a Student Data Management System

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  • Published : October 7, 2011
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Development of a student data management system to speed up registration of students as a platform for increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Client and Background:
Tshwane College of commerce and computer studies is a private FET college that started operating in 2007. The college offers quality education mainly in management, business and computer studies and this has led to high numbers of new students registering at this institution. At the moment , there over 600 students at this college with number expected to double next year.

Clients need

At the moment, the college has a manually operated registration and storage system based on paper and filing. However due to the increasing number of new students registering, the administration staff can’t cope with problems associated with the manual system. The major problems with current system range from losing student records, delays while registering and searching for student record to inconsistencies and data duplication.

Description of proposed system

The main aim of this project is to develop systems that will simplify registration and record keeping process for students and administration staff in a variety of ways. The system will be centralized database management system based on SQL server and will be developed in .net language ( or C#).

The hope is that providing an easy to use graphical user interface will enable self-registration amongst the students thus relieving the pressure on administration staff. The system will enable the college to store information about students’ payments, performance record such as marks. This will enable college administration query the database, generate reports dynamically and make informed decisions based on the data collected.


* To produce a system that will meet the needs of Tshwane College of commerce and computer studies. * To produce an overall requirements specification for the system. * To apply...
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