Development of the Scholar-Practitioner: Article Analysis Resubmission

Topics: Doctorate, University, Education Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: January 29, 2012
Development of the Scholar-Practitioner:
Article Analysis Resubmission
Calanthia Carter

Student ID #A00013887
School: Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership Program: Ph.D. in Education
Specialization: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Instructor: Joanne Heilman, Ph.D.

Walden University
Resubmission: January 29, 2012
Article Analysis

Jazvac-Martek, M. (2009). Oscillating role identities: The academic experiences of education doctoral students. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 46(3), 253–264. Retrieved from the Walden Library using the Education Research Complete database. Central Research Problem

Undertaking the task in doctoral education as a student is daunting enough without added ambiguity of how to fit within the academic sphere, and the influences imposed on the doctoral student. Jazvac-Martek (2009), addressed the need to understand the influences from within and without regarding experiences of doctoral students. This study viewed the task from the standpoint of “identity” – role, student, and academic, while seeking to dismantle the enigmatic personalities of the doctoral student in everyday events.

Many researchers from varied fields have attempted to explain identity theory or they used it as an entangled net of generality. Others have reduced it to students’ development of beliefs, values, and skills needed to participate in a world of academia. Past researchers have determined that identity is simply the administrators and advisors creating mini self- models. Supporters of these models place limitations on understanding the student as a diverse, multi-directional individual. Jazvac-Martek attempts to bring unity to the definition of identity by fixing the limits normally placed on experiences in doctoral education, (p. 254) as she makes use of Role Identity Theory.

Research Findings
This study utilized Role Identity Theory because it does not limit...
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