Development of Space in National Technology

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The Indian Space Programme, from its very inception, has been geared towards national development. It has harnessed space technology for the benefit of our society right down to the grass roots level.

Development of Thought:

The remarkable development in space technology and its application during the last three decades have firmly established its immense potential for the development of the human society as a whole.

Space platforms are now being extensively used for reaching global communication even into remote rural areas, for worldwide monitoring of weather and for conservation, monitoring and management of natural resources thus significantly contributing to the development of human society.

With the rapid progress achieved, the remote sensing applications in India now cover diverse fields such as the agricultural crop acreage and yield estimation, drought warning and assessment, flood control and damage assessment, land use/land cover mapping, wasteland management, urban development, mineral prospecting, forest survey, etc.

Thus covering almost all facets of national development. Space Technology has also revolutionized communication, especially long distance telecommunication, nationwide TV and radio broadcasting.


With proper planning and optimum utilization of space technology, it is hoped that by the time India enters the next century, it would have overcome the national problems of hunger and illiteracy.

The Indian Space Programme from its very inception aimed at an integrated development of space technology to harness its potential for the identified tasks of the country.
Through a well conceived path of development, starting with technology build up, experimental programmes, development of application areas, education of user agencies and timely operationalisation of space services, the Indian Space Programme has ensured that the vast benefits from the space reach the very grassroots of our society.

Today, the operational remote sensing satellites like the IRS are providing vital inputs in a timely manner, on agriculture, soil, forestry, ocean resources, water and land resource, mineral exploration, wasteland development, drought and flood management.

Likewise, the operational multipurpose INSATgeostationary satellites have initiated a revolution in the country particularly in the areas of communication. TV broadcast, education and disaster warning.

Remote sensing effort in the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) began in the early 70s with aerial survey using a variety of multi-data instruments like the infrared scanners, multi-spectral scanners and radiometers for carrying out soil and land use studies and for monitoring different crops and crop diseases.

Following the successful launch of the experimental remote sensing satellites Bhaskara 1 and Bhaskara 2, the ISRO entered into the operational era with the launching and commissioning of the state-of-the-art, Indian Remote Sensing Satellite 1RS-LA in 1988 followed by IRS-1B in 1991, which have now become the mainstay of the National Natural Resources Management System (NNRMS).

Remote sensing is being operationally used to predict crop acreage and yield of major crop-s such as wheat, rice, sorghum, ground nut, cotton, mulberry, etc., at the national level. Methodologies are being developed for using the remote sensing data for timely detection of pests and diseases as well as for assessing the crop stress conditions.

Fortnightly drought assessment bulletins at the district level, derived from space imageries, are now being issued on a regular basis in 12 States, to assist the district authorities and the agriculture resources planners to learn about the extent and the severity of agricultural drought conditions and effectively deal with the situation on a near real time basis.

Land use land cover mapping for the agro-climatic zonal planning has been carried out for the entire country, under 24...
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