Development of Jane Eyre

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Development of Jane Eyre

At the opening of her incredible journey, Jane Eyre is a timid, shy, and headstrong girl. Through the course of her journey, her character does not exactly "change", but rather expands and develops. Her first growth starts at the Lowood School, where she finally finds herself in a society with which she can relate and grow. The second advance appears in the place of Thornfield, a place of many wonders. Then, in the region of Morton and Marsh End (or Moor House), Jane really evolves into the person she is truly meant to be.

While enrolled in the Lowood School, Jane finds true friends that are closer than even her own family. She starts as the shy, ever pleasing, little girl. Within her stay at the Lowood School, she meets Miss Temple and Helen Burns. Helen is a student at the school as well. She is and intelligent young girl who is forgetful, submissive, and tolerant. Helen’s submissive ways aggravate Jane to no extent, yet this does not faze Helen. Helen’s way is to not look for a home in the world but to look towards God and heaven for residence. Although her approach to life makes her docile, it does not make her oblivious to the many abuses put to the girls of Lowood, she just believes that justice will be found in God’s kingdom. That the bad will be punished and the good will be rewarded. Therefore, Helen’s methods teach Jane to count on God for support and guidance in her life. Meanwhile, Miss Temple, a teacher at the school, is a kind and loving woman. This woman has the heart of a celestial being and is fair and just to every one of her students. Miss Temple is able to command respect from everyone around her without even attempting. She is not afraid to stand up to her superiors when extraneous suffering has been put upon her students. Miss Temple’s part in Jane’s development is that she teaches her to unknowingly demand respect from everyone as a whole and to justly love anyone unconditionally, no matter the circumstances....
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