Development of Education System In India: A Brief Book Description

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Development Of Education System In India Book Description

About the Book The book includes a comprehensive survey and analysis of the development of Education system in India from the Vedic times to the modern times. The book is divided into six segments - Education in ancient India; Education in medieval India; Education in India during of the British period; Education in post Independence era; Contemporary educational problems and Issues; Educational Statistics, Graphs, and Figures.

The book may be useful to all those interested in the development of Education in India.

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11th January 2004

About the Author J.C. Aggarwal, a former Deputy Director of Education and Executive Director of the Delhi Bureau of Textbooks, Delhi Administration has written extensively on Education, History and contemporary affairs. Before joining Delhi Administration, he taught in a Post-graduate Teacher Training College.

Contents Unit I Education in Ancient and Medieval India

Education System in the Vedic Period
Introduction : Rich Educational Heritage of India; Periods of Ancient Indian Education; Sources of the Vedic Age Education : Vedic Literature; The Vedas; Significance of the Vedas as the Chief Source of Information; Philosophy of Life in the Vedic Age and Education; Significance of Education in Ancient India and Ultimate Objective; Main Features of the Vedic Education; Aims, Ideals and Objectives of Vedic Education; Education of Women; Teacher as Spiritual as Well as Intellectual Guide; Process of Instruction; Admission and Evaluation System; Autonomy of Educational Institutions; Studentship; Vocational and Professional Education; Curriculum; Evaluation of the Vedic System of Education

Later Vedic Education (1200 B.C. to 200 B.C.))
Main Source of Education During the Later Vedic Age; Upanishads; The Smritis; The Bhagwad Gita; Educational Implications; Main Features of the System of Education; Institutes of Learning; Eligibility for Higher Education; Women Education; Sanskrit as the Medium of Instruction; Teacher's Duties and Qualifications; Studentship; Convocation or Farewell Address; Curriculum : Subjects of Study; Process of Instruction; 'Yoga'; Universal Education; Most Prominent Scholars of the Later Vedic; The Gurukul System of Education; Sanskars (Ceremonies or Rituals) Associated with the System of Education in the Vedic Period; Comparison between the Educational Objectives in Vedic India and Modern India

The Buddhist Education
Introduction; Sources of Information About Buddhist Education; Philosophy of Buddhism and Teaching of Buddha; Basic Principles of the Philosophy of Education as based on the Philosophy of Buddhism; Main Features of Buddhist Education; Educational Implications of Buddhist Philosophy

Religion-Oriented Ancient Education: Institutes of Higher Learning in Vedic and Buddhist Period Religion Environment and Education in Ancient India; Comparison Between Vedic/Brahmanical System of Education and Buddhist System of Education; Centres of Higher Learning/Universities in the Vedic and Buddhist Period;Important Centres of Learning (Temple Colleges) in South India;Seats of Higher Learning in India (other than Temple Colleges); Overview of Ancient Indian Education System

Unit II Education in Medieval India

Education in Medieval Period With Emphasis on Muslim Education Introduction; Chief Characteristics of Muslim Education; Chief Features of Primary and Elementary Muslim Education; Development of Muslim Education During the Rule of Various Dynasties and Rules; 'The Madrasahs' or 'Madrasas'; Centres of Learning of Muslim Education; A Critique of Muslim Education

Hindu System of Education During the Medieval Period
Introduction; Chief Features of Hindu System of Education in India during the Medieval Period; Higher Education in Medieval India; Concluded Observations

Unit III Education in India During the British Period

Macaulay's Minute (1835)
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