Development of Customer Experience-Based Brand Strategy for the Lenovo Group to Explore the Uk Market

Topics: Brand, Customer service, Customer Pages: 12 (3475 words) Published: April 10, 2012

Development of a Customer ExperienceBased Brand Strategy for the Lenovo Group to Explore the UK Market by Yuanyuan Yin, Ray Holland, Shengfeng Qin and Weicheng Wu
and brand development analysis. The customer analysis data have been collected through questionnaire, interview, and observational surveys. The authors adopt Cope and Schmitt’s theoretical framework of customer behavior analysis and brand development process analysis as an underlying structure. The authors conceptualize a framework based on customer experience design of PCs, integrating specific analysis of details of customer experience during the PC purchasing process. The analysis led to the identification of the key factors related to the UK PC market environment, customer behavior, and the brand development process. The study established a new brand strategy that has been evaluated and will be integrated into the company’s current brand strategy. Introduction Nowadays, PCs have infiltrated our daily lives and are increasingly functional in meeting various aspects of our professional and personal needs.

Yuanyuan Yin, PhD Candidate, Design Research, School of Engineering & Design

Dr Ray Holland, Director, Design and Branding Strategy, Masters Program, Brunel University

Weicheng Wu, MA, Brunel University

Abstract Since acquiring IBM’s personal computing (PC) division, Lenovo has focused on exploring the UK market as part of its internationalization program. This paper presents the development of a customer experience-based brand strategy for the Lenovo Group to explore the UK market. The key question in this study is how Lenovo uses customer experience design as a basis for creating an effective brand strategy to fully understand customer needs and develop a share in the UK market. The brand strategy was developed from user behavior, experience analysis,


Design Management Journal

Development of a Customer Experience-Based Brand Strategy for the Lenovo Group to Explore the UK Market

Undoubtedly, the PC has become a part of almost all our lives and for many it has already become an indispensable item. This trend means the PC industry is facing the question of how to sustain growth in the business environment. Lenovo is an innovative, international technology company formed as a result of the acquisition of IBM’s personal computing division by the mainland China-based Lenovo Group ( After the purchase, Lenovo planned to explore the European PC market as part of its internationalization program. In the UK, there are many strong brands in the PC market, such as Dell, HP, NEC, and Sony. It is difficult for a new brand such as Lenovo to win the business war in a mature overseas market even though Lenovo has powerful strength in its home PC industry. How to build a brand image and get market share in the UK becomes the first step for Lenovo, when exploring the European market. This research developed a brand strategy model for Lenovo to transfer its successful brand strategy from China to the UK based on differences in culture, user behavior, and customer experience. The remainder of this paper is divided into five sections. First, a review of the extant literature on brand strategy and customer experience management; second, the selected research methodologies; third, a description of the find-

ings from surveys of the procedures of seven PC companies and 150 PC customers. In section 4, the authors present the discussion, and results and conclusions are drawn in the last section. Literature review In the design management arena, there are almost as many definitions of branding as there are books on the subject. Kotler Armstrong (2004) says, “Brand is more than just name and symbols.” Brand represents everything that the product or service means to consumers, such as consumers’ perceptions and feelings about a product and its performance. As one branding...
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