Development of City vs Countryside

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It is true that global trade allows many developing nations to become industrialized countries and this modernization makes cities develop faster than rural area and improves quality of life for city dwellers. While this upcoming trend can create unwanted drawbacks for the whole state, I believe that there are several effective measures to mitigate these problems. Obviously, the main issue is migration of people from the countryside, and this cause devastating effects on both urban and remote regions. It is undeniable that cosmopolitan environment and better job opportunities will attract skilled workers to exploit their abilities in metropolis. As a result, there will be no enough professionals to deliver services in less-developed provinces, and therefore not only local economy but also education and health care systems may suffer. Another noticeable problem is that differences in the level of incomes in two separate territories can make a huge gap between the rich and the poor when salaries and fringe benefits provided by multi-national companies are higher in commercial centres.

On the other hand, well-organized plans can implement with the aim of addressing all these undesirable consequences. Firstly, transportation, infrastructure and amenities of isolated zones should be upgraded, so that people can reside in one place and work in the other without migration. Secondly, government should encourage business organizations to invest more in rural community by reducing imposed taxes. By this way, both businessmen and local experts will get advantages, and this will trigger young adults to set up businesses in their native places. At the same time, this can improve the financial status of households in the surrounding area.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the efficient solutions mentioned above could tackle the possible negative impact of imbalance economic growths in a nation.
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