Development of an E-Commerce Website for Abc Corporation

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  • Published: February 3, 2013
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Development of an E-Commerce Website for ABC Corporation

Table of Contents


Company Background3

Business Problems4

High-Level Solution5

Benefits of Solving the Problem6

Business/Technical Approach7

Business Process Changes7

Technology / Business Practices Used to Augment Solutions9

Conclusions and Overall Recommendations10

High-level Implementation Plan10


Summary of Recommendations11


Development of an E-Commerce Website for ABC Corporation
ABC Corporation (ABC) is a clothing store in Chicago, IL. They are a local store that needs to increase profitability and competitiveness. Designing a custom e-commerce online store on their current website, that is tailored to ABC’s goals and customer needs, is key in attracting and maintaining a customer base, and increasing profitability. The business problem to be solved is how to implement, market, and maintain a successful e-commerce site while building customer loyalty, increasing profitability, improving strategic planning, and expanding the market. ABC will use an outside source to develop, produce and maintain this store. There will be reporting systems in place to analyze data, in-turn allowing management to predict future trends. ABC will use these reports to continue to increase revenue and market to current and potential customers, increasing customer database and loyalty, and profitability. Company Background

ABC has been in business for 15 years as a local clothing shop in Chicago, IL. They are a successful privately-owned company, selling young fashion brands for women. They specialize in clothing that is unique and individual. They provide high-end clothing, shoes and accessories at a discount. ABC’s mission is to evoke a sense of exclusivity in a boutique experience without the boutique price. Their...
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