Development: Mass Media

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Printing press, 2nd millennium Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Assignment: Development of the Mass Media
Introduction to Communication Technologies

Key dates in the development of the mass media
Mass media defines all those things that are mass produced or shared through the mass media. Today it is almost unimaginable to think of anything that is not promoted through the mass media Mass media in the Western world goes back to the 15th century when Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type between 1398-1468. Alphabet characters were rearranged to form messages. Before that , most books were handwritten which took a lot of time. Because of that reading material was limited to the elite. Development of printing spread literacy to the middle classes and was the first mass produced and mass distributed commodity in Western culture. The first mass produced books were the Bible and the Book of Hours (prescribed order of prayers and readings from the scriptures) that were produced with movable type. In the 16th century, rulers began to fear the printing because it distributed messages that criticized the political and religious authorities, which led to the Protestant Reformation movement led by Martin Luther which carried propaganda against the Catholic Church. But people were not only interested in the Bible and Greek and Roman classics, chapbooks which contained folk stories and romances developed. By the 18th century, the novel came in, where middle class which emphasized individual experience over collective experience., such as the works of Charles Dickens. Language became descriptive than conceptual or abstract. In the 19th century, steam-powered cylinder press was perfected in England which led to rapid production of printed material. In 1846, the rotary presss was developed which could produce 20 000 copies of newspaper per hour. In new industrialized societies, the metropolitan newspaper developed, called the penny press , the first one was in the United States – the New York Sun in 1833, it carried stories about...
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