Development Delays in Learning

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Developmental Delays in Learning

Developmental Delays in Learning
Heather L. Egan

After reviewing Chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7 and the required readings for week 5, I will write a summarization of the impact that developmental delays and the environment have on the learning needs of children. My 6-8 page paper will include three examples demonstrating the impact of developmental delays and the environment on the learning needs of children discussed in the week 2 written assignments. I will also discuss why is it important for educators to understand typical behaviors when planning curriculum and I will provide at least three examples in which I support my claim. I will also describe three specific components in a preschool curriculum that make programs effective. I will include at least two references, in addition to the textbook, to support my ideas. Title of Paper

Developmental delays are very important in a child’s life and their ability to learn. Delays in development are delays in development and require early intervention. Children develop at different rates and in many cases delays in mental and physical development will improve. Although some children may have significant developmental delays that may indicate possible future learning disabilities for them making learning difficult.

There are many pre- school aged children today that may poses developmental issues and could be demonstrating these delays in one or multiple learning areas. This can be shown anywhere from birth to the age of six and occur when a child doesn’t reach one or more of their developmental milestones at the time expected. There are many areas that can be affected by these delays such as physical, social, emotional, communication, cognitive and adaptive development. A child can also have a delay in one area that in turn can affect another.

These delays can impact the learning needs of children because if the cause of the delay is unknown it can affect the child’s over all out come to learn. If a delay is unnoticed the child will never be able to learn to their full potential. It can also be a problem that may need medical attention. A child who may have problems with their ears could experience hearing loss, speech problems, physical problems (balance), and even social problems because the child may not want to talk to other children out of fear that they won’t be understood. Developmental delays and environment can affect the way a child hears, sees, and speaks in school as well as their behaviors among other children. A child who has physical delays might not want to engage in physical activities with other children keeping them from doing physical activities that they should otherwise be involved in as part of being a child.

Each and every child has their own way of learning which is different from each other. The learning environment can greatly affect each child and how they are able to learn. Beginning from birth how a parent raises and nurtures their child can also play a role in how the child learns. Parenting styles are very important and can have a huge impact on how a child learns. A parent that nurtures there child giving them love and providing them the necessary means for growth and development, can provide them with a positive approach to learning. They would also be able to notice any warning signs that something may be a problem for their child. A parent who favors an opposite approach to this may leave their children feeling negative towards school and learning. Children that have parents that play an active role in their learning will most likely have children who are eager to learn.

Teachers and their environments also play an important role in learning. Each teacher is different and may have different teaching styles. This can be very difficult for children especially if they cannot learn from a certain style of teaching. Each child is different and each learns in their own unique way. A...
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