Development Communication Assignment

Topics: Talk radio, Upper West Region, Headache Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: April 30, 2011
Wuchau District is one of the districts in Upper West Region which is predominantly rural. It has Wuchau as its capital with local communities around the capital. Because the district is predominantly rural, it is no less a fact to state that the place is predominantly traditional society and hence it is, and as would be expected, that a major proportion of its people rely on traditional mode of doing things. This explains why they uphold indigenous culture very high. Their mode of dressing, method of communication and spread of ideas and information, their diet (food), major mode of commuting, festivals, funerals, religious activities, are basically traditional. The Wuchau district has been hit by an outbreak of cerebrum spinal meningitis which is a headache to the region. Some serious intervention is therefore needed to mitigate the alarming spread of the disease. This intervention must be in the form of information dissemination to create the awareness of the people of Wuchau district about what the disease is, what threat it poses to human life, what period of the year it usually occurs, how to handle cases, and what to do to prevent ourselves from infection, etc. As the Project Communication Officer of the Ghana Health Services of the Upper West Region, two predominant traditional and one modern needs of communication of the community would be used extensively to spread the mitigation interventions. Two predominant traditional communication methods are to be chosen because the communities use predominantly traditional modes of communication. The two traditional communication methods are the use of songs and dirges whiles the modern method of communication is the use of radio. Songs are very much cherished by the local communities and this is evidenced in almost everything about the people such as during working time be it farm work, drawing of water, fetching of firewood, commuting to market and during festivals and other ceremonies, in fact, songs...
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