Development Communication

Topics: Manila, Metro Manila, Community development Pages: 7 (1863 words) Published: March 21, 2013
I. Introduction
Development communication is the use of communication to promote social development. It involves a planned transformation of an average community into a dynamic one. As such, a community plan is made to help people shape their cities, towns or villages. A community plan is essential because it encourages people to take a full and active role in advocating and implementing economic and social reform. In line with this, the author of this paper conducted a community research at Barangay 694, Malate, Manila City. Within the research is substantial information about the said community – such as ecological factors, historical development, life activities, complex of values, social groups, impact of the world outside, and local life. A proposal for a project plan was also made in order to help build a collective vision for the residents of Barangay 694 – specifically, a summer reading program. The summer reading program will benefit the less developed children of Barangay 693. In addition, it will also develop children’s potentials to be educated and literate adults.

II. Community Identification
Barangay 694 is located at Malate, Manila City. A part of District 6, it lies along Leon Guinto Street and is near places such as Taft Avenue, The Philippine Women’s University, Philippine Christian University, and the Pedro Gil and Quirino LRT stations. The aforementioned places also serve as primary landmarks of Barangay 694.

Because of its strategic location near Taft Avenue, Barangay 694 can be aptly described as a middle-class area with several houses and apartment units for students enrolled at nearby universities. In addition, it is easily accessible by Roxas Boulevard, Quirino Avenue, and Taft Avenue.

III. Ecological Frame
1. Geographical factors
Barangay 694 is located at latitude 14. 573330 and longitude120.990860. Its coordinates are 14°34’24” North and 120°59’26” East. It has a total land area of To its south is Pasay City; to its west, Manila Bay; to its north, Ermita; to its east, Paco and San Andres. 2. Climate and soil

As part of Manila City, Barangay 694 features a tropical savanna climate that borders on tropical monsoon climate. Along with the rest of the Philippines, Barangay 694 lies within the tropics. The temperature range is very small, rarely going lower than 20°C (100°F) and going higher than 38° (100°F). Humidity levels are usually very high which makes the place feel much warmer. It has a distinct dry season from late December to April and a relatively wet season that covers the remaining period. Typhoons can occur from June to September and can cause flooding in the area. 3. Service institutions

Barangay 694 has several service institutions that responds to the residents’ needs. Its strategic location offers its residents convenience as they need no look further than the immediate vicinity to have access to hospitals, educational institutions, books, recreational areas, and government offices. Listed below are several establishments near Barangay 693:

* Ospital ng Maynila
* RTM Satellite Clinic
* Ruben C. Bartolome, M.D. Clinic
* Department of Finance
* Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
* Rizal Memorial Sports Complex
* Manila Zoological and Biological Gardens
* Manila Baywalk Area

5. Government
The current mayor for the 2010 – 2013 term is Alfredo Lim. Meanwhile, Isko Moreno is the city’s incumbent vice-mayor. Two more members of the Manila City Council are the Association of Barangay Captains and the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK).

Barangay 694’s elected barangay officials have the responsibility of carrying out the following tasks: (1) formulating measures to eliminate the use of illegal drugs; (2) maintaining the cleanliness and beautification of the area; (3) promoting peace...
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