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The more you know about children's academic, social, and emotional development, the more able you will be to meet their needs. Knowing about how well a child is progressing helps to plan the teaching for that child or class. You want the children in the class to feel successful and confident, but you also want to offer experiences that will help them to develop further. By checking the children's progress, it becomes easy to identify those children who need special help or who face extra support. Some ways of seeing children's progress are:

• Observe them daily. Watch as they play with each other, respond to your directions, participate in activities, and use language to communicate. • Collect samples of their drawings, paintings, and writing. • Keep notes about what they say and do.

• Encourage them to talk about their own progress.
• Regularly assess their progress so that your instruction will meet their needs. • Talk with parents. Ask them what they have observed at home. Tell them about their children's strengths. Let them know about any concerns you may have.

Also, remember to talk often with the children about what they are doing. Be sure to focus on their strengths—what they can do and the progress they have made, set targets with them that are: Specific

Time (give enough to reach target)
A good way of doing this is to set up an IEP for a child.

Individual Education Plan (IEP)
An IEP is drawn up by the class teacher, support staff, child and or the parent to help identify the child's needs and to target areas of particular difficulty. It should show the steps that are to be taken to support the child's learning and set a date for reviewing progress. The IEP should give details of:

.learning targets for the child to reach in a given time
.who will support the child and how that support will be organised .what materials and methods should be used
.how success in the target will be measured...
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