Developing a Training Program

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Developing a Training Process
This problem is asking for two things. One is to design a training solution and the second is to present it as a proposal. A proposal implies that someone in the organization needs to be convinced that your training solution will meet the needs of the organization. Here are some steps to take when working on this solution. I: Clearly define the problem

Before creating a training plan, you must clearing define the problem. Here are some issues to consider: • Since the company does not have a written training plan, it is possible that they also do not have a written job description for the various positions in the company. They have failed to identify the real needs of the organization that they want their new employee to solve. A company's goals need to translate into job tasks or descriptions for its employees if those goals are to be achieved. • The haphazard nature of the current training structure is not an effective use of the company's human resources. For example, consider the situation that occurs when the exiting employee is already gone before the new employee arrives. Unless the new employee is a gifted self-starter able to identify the company's real needs, it is highly likely that some essential job duties may never be taught to that new employee. One employee's method of "filling in" is probably different from another employee's method. Will the newly trained individual meet the real needs of the organization? Poorly trained employees can lead to poor performance by the new employee. • Since you have been requested to present a proposal, find out why. The company may have already identified reasons that their current training procedure has been ineffective. Once you know their reasons, you can finely tune your training plan proposal to address their issues. In other words, use the specific problems to help design a solution. II: Determine whether a solution may already exist.

What training programs have existed in the...
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