Developing a Training Plan in an Organization

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Developing a Training Plan
University of Phoenix
Organizational Leadership – LDR/531
Bridget Peaco
December 6, 2010

Developing a Training Plan

Organizations can help to improve employee communications and ethical practices among employees by having a successful training program in place. When a successful training program is in place, those trainings can provide other unique opportunities for organizations because those trainings can help to give employees important information that can help them be more successful at their job. When employees are successful at their job, that then equals more success for the organization. Training new employees and team environments is best implemented when the organization develops a training program that will give the employees useful information they will need to get a full understanding of the organizational structure, policies, and goals of the company. This paper will review some practices that prevented Enron from collaborating and communicating effectively, provide training ideas that could have helped the management staff be successful and lastly, address how this training plan could have improved Enron’s management team and other employees. When developing a successful training plan, one must identify the issues that were present within Enron’s leadership and management team. Training should start from the top, that way, the people with leadership status, including the management team, will be well prepared to successfully train their staff to do a job well done. Organizational Behavior 12th ed stated that norms are the acceptable standards of behavior within a group that are shared by the groups members (2007). When it comes to Enron, the norms of the leadership and management team displayed unethical behavior. It is imperative that leadership and management staff know that they are a team working towards the overall success of the company. This wasn’t the case at Enron, the management team did not work...
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