Developing a Training Department

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  • Published : March 9, 2008
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I believe that the first and most obvious negative reaction that I would get to my proposal would be the cost issue. I think that the board would not be to keen on taking on the costs of developing a training department, or even just hiring in different training companies to teach the employees. As far as steps to combat this, I think the best way would be to show some statistics, of which I do not have yet. My statistics would show that the more knowledge a person has of their job, the faster and more efficient they are at it. Their increased efficiency, therefore counters the added costs of such a department, diminishing it significantly, if not completely.

Informative E-Mail

Good afternoon members of the committee. I write to you today to inform you of a possibility for a major opportunity for the company. In the near future I would like to get together with all of you and discuss the possibility of adding a training department to our rising company. Studies have shown that educated employees accomplish identical tasks in half the time as less-educated ones. Please contact me at your discretion, so I may set up a meeting with you. Thank you.

Positive E-Mail

Good afternoon members of the committee. I am delightfully honored to work for a corporation with such a bright future. I feel that I have an idea to only increase the financial outlook for this company. I think that adding a training department would be in the best interest of the employees, and the board, as well as the future stockholders that we all hopefully see on the horizon. I would like to get together with the board to discuss my idea in the near future, and I look forward to hearing of your availability. Thank you.


As you can see, both e-mails begin the same way, but it is there that their similarities end. In the informative e-mail, a statistic is shown to back my argument, whereas the positive e-mail featured none of the sort. The positive e-mail...
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