Developing a Motivational Plan Essay

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Developing A Motivation Plan

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Developing a Motivational Plan
A motivation plan for any school is extremely important for the success of any educational program. Students who are not motivated will not learn and in turn won't succeed. Many components should be included in a motivational plan so that all the needs of students are met and each student has goals that are attainable and can be reached. According to Hersey (2008), "Goals should be set high enough that a person has to stretch to reach them but low enough that they can be attained." Goal setting, rewards, both tangible and non-tangible, and a sense of belonging are motivational components that should be included in a motivational plan.

The first part of a motivational plan that I would feel essential for my school would be goal setting. At the current school that I work at, I feel like this is a missing part of our motivational plan and it greatly affects our students. Without goals, the students don't know what they are working towards, this creates confusion and a detachment from the meaning of education. Although some students may set personal goals, I feel like it's important for there to be group goals so that the students can work together to achieve them and be more motivated.

Goals should be set high, but not so high that students can't achieve them. Goals that are too high would do the opposite of motivate, it would create despair and students would give up eventually because they would know that their effort is not worthwhile. Setting goals that are attainable will motivate students and will give students the confidence that they need to continue their efforts in reaching additional goals. If students know that they can reach a goal, something that is attainable and reachable, they'll be more motivated to try so that they can have that feeling of accomplishment.

Another important aspect...
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