Developing A Disability And Human Right

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‘We have Rights too’
Developing a Disability and Human Rights Approach to Health and Social Care: A Toolkit

Centre on Human Rights for Disabled People  2007

For further information on this toolkit, please contact:

Dr Bronagh Byrne
Research and Policy Officer

Disability Action
Portside Business Park
189 Airport Road West
Northern Ireland

Telephone: 028 9029 7880
Textphone: 028 9029 7878
Fax: 028 9029 7881


1. Introduction

1.1Why a toolkit on disability, human rights and health and social care?

1.2What are the toolkit aims and objectives?

1.3Who is this toolkit for?

1.4Getting Started

2. Human Rights and the Right to Health and Social Care

PART 1 - Introducing Human Rights

2.1What are Human Rights?

2.2Where do Human Rights come from?

2.3How do International Human Rights work?

2.4‘Bringing Rights Home’ - The Human Rights Act (1998)

2.5Do People with Disabilities have the Same or Different Human Rights as Everyone Else?

PART 2 - The Right to Health and Social Care

2.6What is the Right to Health?

2.7International Human Rights Law and the Right to Health and Social Care

2.8The Human Rights Act 1998 and the Right to Health and Social care

PART 3 - A Human Rights-Based Approach to Health andSocial Care

2.9What is a Human Rights-Based Approach to Health and Social Care?

2.10What are the Benefits of a Human Rights-Based Approach to Health and Social Care?

3. Facts about Disability in Northern Ireland

3.1Disability in Northern Ireland

3.2The Experience of Disadvantage

3.3What are the key disability groups?

3.4Who becomes ‘disabled’?

3.5Disability and Multiple Identity

3.6What counts as a ‘disability’?

3.7What are the Individual and Social Models of Disability?

3.8Disabled people’s protection under the law

4. Bridging the Gap: Disability and Human Rights

4.1 Key human rights issues experienced by people with disabilities across health and social care

4.2What is a Disability and Human Rights-Based Approach to Health and Social Care (DHRA)? 5. Developing Rights-based Policies

5.1Identifying the Policy

5.2Why is it important to develop Rights-Based Policies?

5.3What does a Rights-Based Policy look like?

5.4Promoting Disability and Human Rights-Based Policies

6. Advocacy

6.1What is Advocacy?

6.2Why is Advocacy important?

6.3Advocacy is about…..

6.4Types of Advocacy

6.5Promoting Health and Social Care Advocacy

7. Consent

7.1What is Consent?

7.2Why is Consent important?

7.3Consent is about…

7.4Consent and Capacity

7.5Promoting Informed Consent

8. Information

8.1What do we mean by Accessible Information?

8.2Why is Accessible Information important?

8.3Types of information which should be provided in accessible formats

8.4Accessible information is about…

8.5Key Information Principles

8.6Promoting Information Accessibility

9. Communication

9.1What do we mean by ‘Effective Communication’?

9.2Why is Effective Communication Important?

9.3Effective Communication is about…

9.4Methods of Communication

9.5Types of Communication Support

9.6Promoting Effective Communication

10. Consultation

10.1What is Consultation?

10.2Why is Consultation important?

10.3Effective Consultation is about…

10.4Do I need to consult with people with disabilities?

10.5Promoting Effective Consultation

11. Access

11.1What do we mean by Physical Accessibility?

11.2Why is Physical Accessibility Important?

11.3Physical Accessibility is about…..

11.4Promoting Physical Accessibility

12. Resources

Appendix A – A Disability and Human...
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