Developing a Coaching Culture at Weatherford International

Topics: Management, Coaching, Leadership Pages: 11 (3468 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Developing a Coaching Culture at Weatherford International
Richard Pelzer
University of the Rockies

In today’s context of the fast-paced and ever changing workplace, the most successful leaders are those who face new challenges with current and relevant solutions. The most successful approach to the current demands is to train and develop leaders into coaches. Leaders who coach can balance employee concerns with people performance and the goals of the company. This type of leadership can cultivate an organizational culture that is highly motivated and higher performers. A coaching culture blurs the hierarchical chain of command and replaces it with a stronger informal network of increased performers who communicate better between people. In the following is a proposal for developing a coaching culture that will teach senior leaders and managers to be leader/coaches.

Developing a Coaching Culture at Weatherford International
This benchmark proposal for developing a coaching culture is a result of a need to build a credible business initiative at Weatherford International that will connect quintessential business outcomes and individual and group performance with essential organizational operations. Fundamentally, this proposal illustrates how training leaders to be internal coaches is a more scalable, sustainable and robust approach to driving change and improving performance. Seen across many wide base industries, there is a strong trend toward growth in coaching and a coaching culture (Boyatzis, 2002). In particular, the vast variety of ways in which coaching is used also appears to be expanding. In addition to individual coaching, which is focused more on high-potential leaders, workshops for coaching skills, team and group coaching and one-on-one mentoring are emerging as vital coaching activities that organizations use to expand the benefit of coaching to all employees (Baek-Kyoo, Sushko, & McLean, 2012). According to Ginka Toegel and Nigel Nicholson (2005) 80 percent of the senior leaders in nonhuman resource functions survey suggested that creating a coaching culture is top priority. Most of the surveyed leaders believed that a seismic shift in their organizations’ performance is possible if coaching is imbedded in their culture (Toegel, & Nicholson, 2005). Most importantly, these leaders believed that a coaching culture will increase and enhance the development of others by managing performance, increase employee involvement and utilization of knowledge, lead to more participative and transparent decision-making, and make learning and development a top priority (Toegel, & Nicholson, 2005). Although effective management of coaching as a strategic initiative appears to be lagging at Weatherford International, a coaching and mentoring culture needs to be fully integrated into the talent management and other leadership development initiatives. Significantly, the opportunities that a coaching culture delivers will exceed the organizations expectations. Even though creating a coaching culture will require a new approach to change, the outcome and benefits of a coaching culture will be well worth the investment. Senior leaders and their teams will have the necessary support required for developing coaching skills. Coaching and mentoring stratagems will be integrated into the overall management strategy so that leaders can measure the organizational impact and drive coaching deeper into the organization. Organization Overview

Weatherford International has been in the world’s top ten leading oil and gas energy service providers for several decades. Although the organization has had limited use of coaching and mentoring practices, the organizations’ coaching culture will have a powerful influence on the company’s business performance. Developing a coaching culture at Weatherford International will help redefine the organization’s unwritten rules, values, norms, behaviors...
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