Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resource Practitioner Activity 1

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  • Published : July 23, 2012
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1.1Briefly explore the over view of the Map and its three components – i.e. the 10 Professional Areas, the 4 bands and the 8 behaviours. Access the full map for a single Professional Area most related to your role, or one you are familiar with, and consider the activities, knowledge and behaviours for either band 1 or 2 Based on this research write a report in which you:

Summarise, in a few sentences, the HRP Map, including the 2 key professional areas and the 8 behaviours. Comment on the activities, knowledge and behaviours, specified in your selected Professional Area, as above at band 1 or 2, identifying those you consider most essential to your own HR role.

The diagram below shows the Human Resource Professional Map.

[pic]CIPD Jul 2012

The map was designed to assist HR Professionals in there career progression by describing the highest standards of professional competence that can be achieved.

The Map is broken down in to three elements:

Professional Areas

Made up of 10 segments, these describe the areas within the HR discipline and what is required.


There are 8 Behaviours and are used to describe how the HR Professional is going to achieve the standards and sustain successful performance.

[pic]CIPD Jul 2012


The 4 bands describe the level of contribution the HR Professional would need to make in 4 specific areas concerned with the relationship with the client. These 4 areas are as follows:

Focus of activity

Where time is spent

Service to the client


As a HR professional progresses from Band 1 to Band 4 the balance between behaviour against technical shifts for example: at Band 1 it is a 30:70 split whereas at band 4 it becomes 80:20.

Band One

This is seen as a support role, they would be seen to be supportive of colleagues and effectively managing data and information. Primarily having a strong rapport with a the customer base.

Band Two...
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