Developing Yourself as an Effective Hr Practitioner

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Understanding Customer needs:
Care Managers
These are the managers for whom I recruit carers on an on-going basis, they have a high turnover of staff and require fast recruitment to meet the demands of the business. •Senior Managers
I have targets that have been set by the senior management team for the Service Centre which are reported on each week using a pipeline report. I also have three administrators who report in to me; so as well as meeting my own targets I need to ensure that my team are also meeting theirs. •Current Applicants

These are the carers I recruit and see through the compliance process, they often expect to be able to start working immediately. Conflicting Demands
In order to meet the conflicting demands of my three customers I must ensure the process and procedure for recruitment is understood and upheld by all parties. The service level agreement that is in place allows for 8 weeks to complete the whole process; within this time there must be a communication mobility upwards and downwards and all compulsory checks have to be carried out including CRB. Conflict arises where the managers require fast placement, also expected by the applicants, but senior management must be sure that all aspects of compliance have been met before an applicant becomes and employee which takes time. These conflicts are overcome by meeting the Service Level Agreements and ensuring that these are communicated to the managers thus managing expectations. Where SLA’s are not being met within the team we look to alternative solutions such as temporary agency staff or re-distribution of workload amongst the HR team during busy periods of recruitment within larger regions. I also use KPIs to monitor the speed of applicant turnaround and this information is communicated to the senior management team who relay this to the wider organisation in the regional meetings.

Effective Communication

Method of communicationAdvantageDisadvantage
Team meeting (Verbal)Opportunity for open discussion
Ability to inject personality in to topics of discussion
Information given can be easily forgotten
Vocal tone can be misinterpreted
E-mail (Written)Good for paper trail
Cost effectiveE-mail fatigue
Misinterpretation of message
Presentation (Visual)This is a good way of relaying information to a large group of people •Structured & well plannedInformation overload
Generic presentations will not always be understood by the whole audience

I believe good communication is key to any HR department because it helps to build effective relationships with employees if they feel they have a shared sense of purpose. The information being relayed should be tailored to the level of employees it is targeting - i.e. The information circulated to senior managers may contain complex information or financial figures that are not understood by employees lower on the hierarchy scale.

Effective Service Delivery:

Part of my role involves advertising vacancies; this often means working to a budget and within a timescale. I was recently assigned to a recruitment campaign across Kidderminster and South Staffordshire, this was to recruit around 200 carers across both contracts and I was given a budget of £10,000 to spread across three months. We use an external company, WorkComms, to place all of our adverts in newspapers and online job boards so they were my first point of contact to get a media schedule which would best utilise our resources. Once I had the schedule this enabled me to plan the open days with the managers to tie in with the newspaper adverts.

Advertising expenditure allocation
I came in below budget on the campaign, spending a total of £9,450 and the feedback from the regional managers was very positive. After the campaign the managers were then responsible for triggering the compliance process by informing HR of the successful candidates within their region. Any complaints from the...
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