Developing the Work Team

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M2.04 Developing the Work Team
Reflective Review

Understand the nature of teams and the features of team roles and responsibilities including the advantages and disadvantages

Q1. How does a team differ from a group? Give 3 examples of the differences.

A team and a group are often classed as the same, but they are in fact completely different entities. Three of the main differences are
Working towards a shared common goal

Trust – In a team there are high levels of trust which enables members to express ideas and opinions freely and confidently. This allows feelings to be discussed and also will conflict can be resolved due to this. In a group there is usually a lower level of trust between members, due to roles not being defined so people will become suspicious of other peoples motives (why are they doing that, are they setting me up for a fall, will I be held accountable if I agree etc) and this will result in decreasing trust between members.

Leadership – In a team the leader is not defined, as each member will share the leadership roles and rotate the responsibilities. In a group there is a defined leader who will assign work and delegate roles to the group members.

Working towards a shared common goal – In a team members will work together to achieve a common goal. This is achieved through discussion, exchange of ideas and experiences and there is an overall consensus on the overall solution. In a group the target will be met but the final decision will always be made by the leader of the group. Members will not exchange ideas as they are working for themselves and not a team.

Q 2. Leading the team is an important team role. Briefly describe 2 other roles that members of a team might fill using a recognised model.

A recognised model which shows other roles within the team is Belbin’s Team Role Model. Belbin researched the behaviours of different individuals within a team. Through this research he discovered that there were certain categories that make up roles within a team. Using this you can ensure that individual’s strengths are used to enhance the team and there weaknesses can be managed.

Belbin’s Team Role Model. (Categories of individual roles within the team)

Company Worker
Plant (Innovator)
Resource Investigator
Team Worker
Completer Finisher

The two roles that members of a team may fill using the above model are Team Worker and Implementer.

Team Worker – These individuals can ensure the team are working cohesively and effectively and offer support where needed. These individuals are effective communicators and promote a good spirit throughout the team. They are generally outgoing, which means people are often receptive to their ideas. However these people can be overly optimistic and have a tendency to be indecisive when it comes to making a decision.

Implementer – These are individuals who get things done. The have the ability to turn ideas and concepts into reality. They are generally disciplined and very well organized. The dis-advantage to these types of people are that they are often in-flexible and are resistant to change

Q3. Describe the 4 stages in team development

The 4 stages in Team Development, according to Dr Tuckman are –

Stage 1 – Forming
Stage 2 – Storming
Stage 3 – Norming
Stage 4 – Performing

Dr Tuckmans theory that if the development of a team was to be achieved, managers should focus on how a team approaches a task from formation of the team, to completion of the task. He found that all teams followed the four stages above.

Stage 1 : Forming
During this initial stage, team members will often operate as individuals. Each individual will want to impress their personality on the team while its purpose and organisation are still being established. During this time people will try to find out each others attitudes, and also the aims of the...
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