Developing Strategies in Assessment, Classroom Management and Lesson Planning Using Cec Standards

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  • Published : August 13, 2008
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As a special education teacher it is important to understand the field of education as an evolving and changing discipline based on philosophies, evidence-based principles and theories, relevant laws and policies, diverse and historical points of view, and human issues influences that will continue to have an impact on the field of education and the treatment of individuals with exceptional needs both in school and society. These factors influence professional practices including assessment, instructional planning, implementation, and program evaluation. Special education teachers should also understand how issues of human diversity can impact not only families, cultures, and schools, but the delivery of special education services. It is also important that they understand the relationship between organizations that relate to special education to the organizations and functions of the general school systems, and other agencies. The standards put forward by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) allow teachers to develop strategies in assessment, classroom management and lesson planning. In order to be effective a special education teacher (all teachers actually,) should demonstrate respect for their students as unique human beings, everybody can learn but not everyone learns the same way. By understanding the similarities and differences in human development and the characteristics between individuals with and without exceptional learning needs a special education teacher can better modify and teach the curriculum to students with exceptional learning needs. CEC standards states that educators understand how the experiences of individuals with exceptional learning needs can impact families, as well as the individual’s ability to learn, interact socially, and live as fulfilled contributing members of the community.

Another important CEC standard to adhere to is to have a variety of evidence-based instructional strategies to individualize...
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