Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

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Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

Executive Summary
The purpose of this report to develop and understand the link between Strategic management and leadership, and how to use leadership and management skills in different work conditions and process of implementation by providing examples of renowned leaders and successful organizations.

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LEARNING OUTCOMES| ASSESSMENT CRITERIA (AC) TO TEST OUTCOMES| PAGE NO.| 1.Understand the relationship between strategic management and leadership| Task 1: 1.1: Explain the link between strategic management and leadership| 1| | 1.2: Analyze the impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions| 3| | 1.3: Evaluate how leadership styles can be adapted to different situations| 5| 2. Be able to apply management and leadership theory to support organizational direction| 2.1: Review the impact that selected theories of management and leadership have on organizational strategy| 6|

1- Understand the relationship between strategic management and leadership

1.1: Explain the link between strategic management and leadership

The key to business largely depends on good leadership and effective management, Leadership is about strategic management and could be defined as activity of thinking, acting and influencing to achieve a common goal. As in Dan’s case, it was necessary to hire consultants to facilitate, create and implement systems of methods, principles and rules for regulating a discipline to enhance efficiency in the organisation and to get a constructive criticism from experienced outsiders. Dan was future oriented and had a clear vision, his long term thinking made him to hire consultants. As the scenario says, Dan was a successful businessman and his printing company was well known for high quality and personalized service, so he was fulfilling all the aspects of a strategic manager and due to rapidly changing environment, external challenges, market conditions and increased work load, his leadership side came into effect, which in turn benefited the whole organisation and employees As Dr. Greg Waddell quotes on his website “Leadership is about change. It’s about helping the organization define its vision, one that can take advantage of opportunities and avoid oncoming threats. It’s about challenging people to grow and to unleash their yet untapped potential. It’s about inspiring people to step into uncharted territory” (, with the help of consultant, Dan found hidden marketing talent in his production manager, who works now as service provider of print related service, which in turn benefited Dan. In Organizing Genius (Addison-Wesley, 1997) Bennis and Patricia Ward Biederman point out those leaders of great teams pick talent on the basis of excellence and ability to work with others. Good leaders are not afraid to hire people who know more than they do. Jack Welch has said that his biggest accomplishment has been finding great people. In Why Work? (Second edition, Miles River Press, 1995). There is a distinct link between strategic management and leadership, Strategic management process helps firms to identify what they intend to achieve, The term strategic management refers to four main activities, Plan, Organize, Lead and Control, management comprises of different levels of hierarchy from top management to middle and then lower management, each one has a defined role, Strategic management is basically crafting the future, through allocation of resources, while leadership is about strategic management, policy development, encourages people, renew their spirits and gives fresh courage to pursue the common course of action and takes the organisation from current mission state to the new enhance mission. I can relate this case to Starbucks, where in 1982 Howard Schultz joins Starbucks as retail operations and marketing, and how he transformed coffee bean shop to a successful...
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