Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

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Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

Title: Leadership within Hill Top Restaurant

Author: Jaju Janardhanan

Supervisor: Dr. Roman Puchkov

Task 5

Four Current Requirements of Leadership

Leadership has been described as the “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.”

Alan Keith of Genentech states that, "Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen."

According to Ken "SKC" Ogbonnia, "effective leadership is the ability to successfully integrate and maximize available resources within the internal and external environment for the attainment of organizational or societal goals."

Hilltop Restaurant in Gloucester sells South-Indian Curry dishes for people to eat in or take-away, it is located in the centre of the city and has 20 staff employed.

The owner/mangers are two people, namely, Shashi George and Joseph Pannu. They both have worked as waiters and then as chefs in various Indian restaurants before they set up the Hilltop in Gloucester in 1996.

The leadership within the Hilltop is not uncommon. Various leadership theories exist, and some believe in leadership as a set of behaviours. According to House and Mitchell in 1974, there are four leadership behaviours, including directive leadership behaviour, supportive leadership behaviour, participative leadership behaviour and achievement oriented leadership behaviour.

The thing is that George and Pannu at the Hilltop Restaurant seem to show all of the above characteristics of being leaders; they are controlling and directing day to day business, they support the staff, they work as chefs and waiters and they try to achieve the best profit they can.

They've split their management of the restaurant in two parts – George looks after the Front of the House and Pannu looks after the Kitchen.

They both demonstrate directive leadership behaviour by telling the staff exactly how each of the dishes are to be cooked and presented, how the customers are to be treated, how long the dishes should take to make, what to say to the customers and have made it absolutely clear as to how we are to dress and behave.

They are both demonstrate supportive leadership behaviour in the sense that when a member of staff needs time off to visit a sick relative, they are compassionate, they even offer to financially help if the relative is in India.

They both show participative leadership behaviour, because they both work in the front of the house or in the kitchen as part of the team. The are regularly asking us for feedback on how the business can be improved, what the customers like, what the customers complain about.

George and Pannu are also achievement-oriented; after all, the restaurant is their business and livelihood. They themselves dress immaculately in the restaurant and everything is customer oriented. They want to achieve good reputation and lots of profit by getting lots of customers. So quality of food and service is at the top of their agenda.

Future Requirements of Leadership

The way the business of the Hilltop Restaurant is running, seems to be fairly efficient and it seems to be making profit. The staff are not given any of this information.

The future seems to be going the technological way. Some fast-food businesses like Domino's Pizza, make use of the the latest technology to keep details of customers, accept orders over the internet through their website and they accept orders via text message, voice over the phone or if anyone turns up at their business.

The management of the Hilltop have to realise that they need to embrace this new technology. They need to understand how people can book tables and order curries over internet.

As leaders they have to be pro-active and start talking to the staff about the new technology that they can use, so that...
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