Developing Services/Product for Four Seasons Hotel Langkawi

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Executive summary
This hotel is placed in Langkawi and it has relax, calm and beautiful view. It surrounded by mangrove plant and attractive rooms. Each rooms has fully accommodates and this hotel also provided comprehensive facilities such as spa, fitness center, restaurants, golf yard, pools and so on. In addition, the guests can enjoy themselves by watching the birds, kayaking, scuba diving and other outdoor activities. This hotel has offered tour guide to bring them to the specific location to do the activities. Moreover, Four Seasons Hotel & Resort Langkawi also provided special services and amenities to the customers to ensure they are in-holiday mood and want to come again for the next time.

Nature of business
Four Seasons Hotel & Resort Langkawi is located in Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi, Kedah. It offered relaxing serenity and art design of the residences with the peaceful environment in the Andaman Sea. It is a place that has UNESCO protected mangroves between the land and ocean. This hotel is a Canadian-based international luxury and five stars hotel which has many branches around the world.

Isadore Sharp is the founder of this hotel and it was established in 1960. Before he developed a hotel, he was creates a motel for his family friends. After the successful of his motel, he decided to build a hotel in Toronto. Then, the Four Seasons Hotel was open in 1970 to the public. It brings a concept of exclusive, luxury and preserved customers according to their social class.

The Four Seasons Hotel & Resort in Langkawi provides 91 villas and pavilions surrounding by rainforest and cliffs with the beautiful garden and set in front of the beach. The owner focuses on the tranquil retreat in offering their services to the customers. The employees of this hotel are led by a corporate mission statement and it will assist them in doing their daily jobs. The owner had makes a right decision in opening this hotel in Langkawi and he choose to focus on...
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