Developing Self

Topics: Management, Organizational studies, Organization Pages: 6 (2120 words) Published: August 8, 2010
Introduction: This assignment engaged me with the continuous self development process to my personal and professional knowledge. The assignment can be divided into two main parts, firstly is about analysing self and organisation and secondly is self analysis tool kits to support and find myself about the personality how to reflex myself in the future to continue my progress as a leading manager. Learning is a continuous process and it is supported by David hind (1994) that learning model comprises of three cyclic stages; they are experience, reflection and learning. Similarly Self development also refers to improve the person in particular qualities and making the person to perform better in its career and as a person (Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell 2007). Importance of self analysis and continuous self and management development: Self analysis is the substructure of self understanding which will examine the inner feeling that leads to step by step change in the behaviour consciously or unconsciously over a period of time believed by Brouwer (1964). The self awareness and self acceptance are the elements which are strongly tied with the self analysis, self development and the potential to identify and go along with others (David A. Whetten 2007); consequently as a manager it is significant to be familiar with the self analysis and self development. On the other side phaidon (2003) suggested that the person cannot reach his/her ambition only with aid of knowledge and talent, it also strongly bind with the personality behaviour, which can be done through experience and mistakes that leads to be a consecutive process. Hence understanding the competencies of self awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills are very important to continue as a manager in this modern world as argued by Goleman (1998). The framework for leadership and management skills in an organisation given by both authors (David A. Whetten 2007) and (Quinn et al 2007) are considerably similar which is the “competing value frame work” proposed by (Cameron et al.,2006; Quinn and Rohrbaugh, 1983). Quinn et al (2007) explains that the framework conducts with the four fundamental elements in which the individual must be proficient to become an effective manager. They are collaborating, controlling, creating and competing. The first two elements strongly bind with the leadership quality and the other two elements relate the managerial quality. Thus it is emphatic to find the distinction between leadership and management. The primary deviation between leader and manager are flexibility change and stability control (David A. Whetten 2007), but David Buchanan and Andrrzej Huczynski (2004) claims that leaders are having much more pleasure than managers. However effective management and leadership are intimate which drives the success of an organisation (David A. Whetten 2007) According to  Rollinson (2007) that organisational behaviour and organisational analysis are broad subject which involved in the familiarity of human behaviour in organisations, and the behaviour of organisations themselves. On the other view Robert P.Vecchio(2006) analysed that organisational behaviour is the scientific approach towards the individual and organisation behaviour, which consist the department of psychology, sociology, political science and anthropology, even so in common it is strongly allied with the psychological field that can be studied for three prominent cause which are practical application, personal growth and increased knowledge. Ensuring the subject let me address the following issues that can map the structure to understand at ease which results in effective management. The consequent terms are managing and leading emotional intelligence, perception and values, personality, learning, personal development planning, cultural intelligence and continuing self development. Goleman (2006) maintains that manager should handle criticism in a sense...
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