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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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1.What is the significance of the “albino sparrow” in Jean Piaget’s scientific career?

The albino sparrow is one of the first scientific writings he created as a child, it was considered the spark to his scientific journey. He was only 10 years old and it was published in the Journal of Natural History of Neuchate.

2.Where did Piaget grow up? What was his childhood like?

Piaget grew up in Neuchatel, Swizerland. His childhood was very studious and lacked recreation based on his observations of his hard working dad whom he emulated.

3.What did Piaget mean by “The American question”?

The inquiry of whether or not it is possible to speed up the acquisition of cognitive-stage milestones.

4.When and where was the Jean Piaget Centennial conference held? What was the focus of the conference?

The Jean Piaget centennial was held in Geneva, Switzerland in 1996. The focus of the conference was to celebrate Piaget's birth by examining the manner in which he framed our understanding of, as well how we study, conceptual development.

5.Piaget’s theory has been criticized on many grounds. Can you find 10 common criticisms of Piaget’s theory?

1. Underestimates the Competence of Children

2. Establishes Age Norms Discontinued by the Data

3. Characterizes Development Negatively

4. Is an Extreme Competence Theory

5. Neglects the Role of Social Factors
in Development

6. Predicts Developmental Synchronies
Not Corroborated by the Data

7. Describes but Does Not Explain

8. Is Paradoxical Because It Assesses Thinking Through Language

9. Ignores Post-adolescence Development

10. Appeals to Inappropriate Models of Logic...
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