Developing Professional Practice in Hrd

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Assessments for Developing

Professional Practice

Assessment Activity 1
Assessment Activity 1 The L&D professional as an added value contributor Learning Outcome • Be able to perform efficiently and effectively as a collaborative member of working groups and teams and as an added-value contributor to the organisation.

Scenario You are working with a manager to help meet his section’s development needs. He has been with the company for several years and has always had control of his development budget (decentralised). Until recently HRD has been seen as a reactive support function, but your role has evolved to reflect the changing nature of the HRD function as it becomes more of a strategic business partner. Development budgets have also become centralised completely to the HRD function. You have conducted a needs analysis and the manager’s view of his team’s development needs doesn’t match your own findings. To complicate things, some small groups have emerged in his section, with conflicting views on the need for development and what form it should take.


Your approach to meeting the development needs favours on the manager doing some on-the-job coaching and providing shadowing opportunities elsewhere in the business. The manager strongly disagrees, believing that the performance issues can be rectified by his team attending a short off site training course. He now believes more senior management intervention is needed to resolve the growing disagreement between you both. • What do you think are the potential sources of conflict between you and the manager? Firstly the manager’s length of service, having been with the company for “several years” suggests that he possibly sees himself as an expert in his role and is averse to the changing culture of the HRD function. He may lack understanding of my role as a strategic business partner having been used to the function previously providing reactive support. Is he resentful about a collaborative style of working? Does he feel that his expertise is being taken away in the decision making processes?

Is he playing power games and engaging in political behaviour to enhance his own position? “Organisation politics are a reality in most organisations, and while game-playing might outwardly appear to be wasted time, it is necessary in order to secure resources, progress ideas, achieve personal goals and often to enhance one’s standing.” df

His control of the development budget has been taken away and is now managed by the HRD function. Does this make him feel that responsibility has been taken away from him, taking away power and causing resentment towards me as a representative from HRD. Again, this could give cause for him to engage in politics to ascertain his position. Politics within an organisation can be vital in the progression of objectives, gaining different ideas, skills and views. The danger lies in these differences not being acknowledged or managed skilfully. The findings from my needs analysis immediately contradict his viewpoint and challenge his knowledge of his own team’s needs. The manager believes that training courses are the answer to all of his team’s performance issues – I believe that on the job coaching is a more effective way of managing performance another direct conflict of views. In sending them on a training course, the onus is put on the HRD function. In carrying out regular on the spot coaching, the onus lies on the manager. Does he fear this? I see benefit in the manager shadowing others within the business as a part of his development so that he can see how effectively on the job coaching is working in other parts of the business. The potential conflict will be getting him to see the benefits of on the job coaching and getting him to shadow to see those benefits! • Why do you think the different groups within the function have conflicting...
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