Developing Partnerships for Quality: Starbucks

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Danielle Stottlemeyer
Quality Management 4101
August 21, 2012

To develop a quality culture requires several things corporately, agreement from employees, customer recognition, and supplier buy in. Once all of the key elements are in place and it has been determined that each of the stakeholders have bought into the mission it is much easier for the company to implement the necessary changes to instill a quality culture as opposed to that of a traditional culture. To create a plan for Starbucks to create a quality culture some of the most important elements that must be included will consist of determining an operating philosophy. For a company such as Starbucks the operating philosophy should include their understanding and showing that as employees of the company they recognize that as stakeholders we are all in this together. They don’t want to give the impression that it is every man for him or herself type atmosphere. That each person in the chain is equal to one another and they are all a part of something greater than themselves. Therefore, there are no individual successes but each success depends on how each person works together and that the company’s success depends on all individuals doing their work well. Therefore, the operating philosophy is that their welfare is directly tied to that of the stakeholders which include their suppliers, employees, and customers. The objectives that Starbucks would be looking to achieve would be to treat their stakeholders well. They would do this by offering better jobs to their employees, giving the highest level of customer service to their customers, and maintaining the highest level of partnership and agreement with their suppliers. They would want to mirror or model the attitude, thought processes, and such that they are looking for from their employees. This means that the management and leaders must...
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