Developing Leadership Skills

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Situational leadership theory Pages: 10 (3678 words) Published: August 12, 2012
For the purpose of this assignment I shall focus on an issue within my workplace whereby my leadership skills presented as a focus point. My job involves working as a team leader for a busy community nursing service within a well populated urban area. The team comprises of a varied skill mix ranging from band 3 to band 6, some who are relatively new to the environment and others who have many years experience. In recent years there has been a rapid increase in the complexity of our caseload, as a team leader it became clear to me that the implementation of clinical supervision would be beneficial in empowering and supporting our staff by helping them to develop the skills necessary to effectively manage and cope with the demanding situations we currently face such as working in isolation, rapid role expansion and increasing professional responsibility and also emotional involvement with patients and carers. Butterworth and Faugier (1992) concisely explain clinical supervision as an activity that facilitates reflective practice, enabling nurses to question and evaluate their practice, supporting each other through listening and exploring options and possibilities for coping and developing both within themselves and patient care. As team lead and as someone who is keen to develop as a leader I nominated myself to implement this change. By implementing clinical supervision I seek to improve staff engagement, promote confidence and identify training needs with a view to improving staff relations and increasing professionalism.

Hannagan (1995) advocates leadership as the process of motivating other people to act in particular ways to achieve specific goals by a variety of means that denote leadership styles. This assignment will endeavor to critically analyse and reflect upon the development of my skills as a leader within the context of my work whilst exploring various leadership styles and linking the leadership theories to my practice. The paper will highlight my vision as a leader which I aim to fulfill over a 6-9 month time period. This will lead to identification of my goals relative to my vision and provide an action plan for each goal to outlining what I plan to do to achieve my goals, which will be followed by a rationale for each plan. I will also focus on my strengths and the opportunities available to me as a leader and the threats which exist to weaken my ability to lead. To do this I will complete a SWOT analysis which is included in the appendices. Well thought out introduction

My vision is to develop my interpersonal skills in my current role as a team leader. I aim to do this by using communication effectively whilst working collaboratively with the team to implement clinical supervision to improve staff engagement and increase professionalism. I will endeavor to achieve this by using my perception, judgement and skill to successfully motivate and empower people throughout the implementation whilst identifying any barriers to change and managing any conflict that may arise. This will begin my journey to becoming a more effective leader in my role by working in partnership with the team and placing me in a more prominent position to influence the successful development of staff whilst ensuring that professional standards are maintained. Goals

1. To develop my interpersonal skills in leadership by working collaboratively with the team to successfully implement clinical supervision in my work area.

2. To expand my skills as a leader by identifying barriers to change and deal with any conflict that may arise.

3. To develop my skills in motivation and empowerment, including self motivation to develop a plan of how to be a better leader for the future. Good, these goals are realistic and achievable

Goal 1: To develop my interpersonal skills in leadership by working collaboratively with the team to successfully implement clinical...
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