Developing Individuals and Teams

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Developing individuals and teams

Once I have started working as a deputy manager in a nursing home I have realized that I have an important role to play in developing individuals and teams. In order to provide high standards of nursing care to residents I needed individuals able to perform competently, to integrate well within the team and to work towards meeting organisation’s objective – ‘to champion quality of life for all residents’. Care Quality Commission (2009) highlighted the importance of people needs being met by ‘staff who are fit, appropriately qualified and are physically and mentally able to do their job’. In nursing, staff training and development is essential. In any organisation appropriate training and development helps staff to acquire new skills and knowledge, increases individual and team performance in order to meet organisation’s objectives. Managers have a great contribution to team and individual development. As a first line manager I needed to develop my knowledge and skills and be able to understand the current competencies of individuals and team members, knowing how to develop them in order to achieve agreed objective. This essay is structured in three sections:

Section 1 Factors involved in leading a team to achieve agreed objectives Section 2 Understanding the current competencies of individuals and teams Section 3 Ways to develop the competencies of individuals and teams

Section 1 Factors involved in leading a team to achieve agreed objectives At the beginning of this section I will focus on understanding the Investor in People Standard and its principles as I consider these very important for any manager willing to improve performance, regardless the type of business they have to run. ‘Developed in 1990 by a partnership of leading businesses and organisations, the Standard helps organisation to improve performance and realise objectives through the management and development of their people.’( cited by Favell ,2008 ) The Standard encourages employers to create a positive culture of staff training and development and concentrates upon ways to improve performance. Investors in People framework is based on three main principles which are breaking down in ten indicators. They focus upon ‘developing strategies, taking action to improve performance, and evaluating the impact of the performance.’(Favell, 2008)

The core principles of Investors in People are PLAN, DO and REVIEW. The wheel diagram bellow shows the way these core principles are breaking down in ten indicators.

From [Accessed on 04.04.2011] Analysing the indicators and reflecting upon my experience it helped me to understand the principles underlying leadership of individuals and teams, presented by Favell (2008): * Knowing exactly what to be done and by whom – involves motivation, teamwork, delegation, all key leadership skills * Knowing what the results should be

* Knowing how well they are doing - analysing progress, reflect upon achievements, assess progress and plan next step * Knowing what is expected from them - SMART objectives
* Evaluate their performance through an appraisal or performance-management process * Give feedback
All these principles are leading me to the manager’s role of developing individuals and teams. Adair (1989) highlighted three main areas, equally important, which managers need to develop to be successful. The diagram bellow has been recreated by LMC and presents the three main areas identified by Adair and also the eight functions or behaviours type described by the same author.

From [accessed on 19.04.2011]

Analysing the overlapping circles of the action-centred leadership it has became clear to me that there are links between organisation’s objectives, team’s objectives and...
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