Developing Human Value Through Extra Curricular Activities

Topics: Extracurricular activity, Curriculum, High school Pages: 13 (4355 words) Published: August 20, 2012
Developing Human Value through Extra Curricular Activities
Marjohan Jamalis, Universiti Putra Malaysia Mohd Sofian Omar Fauzee, Universiti Putra Malaysia

ABSTRACT The main objective of this study is to investigate students’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and the benefits accrued in participating in compulsory extra-curriculum activities. Secondly, the study examines the implications of these after-school activities towards students’ academic performances. The study employed a qualitative interview approach with 15 university students who during their time in high school education had been involved in extra-curriculum activities. The investigators approached students who were involved in extra-curriculum activities and invited them to participate in the study. An informed consent letter was signed by the respondents before the interviews took place and each of the interviews was tape-recorded. Each of the interviews was consequently transcribed and the researchers conducted content analyses of the collective whole. Results suggested that most of the students participated in after-school programs because of their interest in gaining new knowledge and for reasons of self-improvement, which they argued emerged from their own interests. It was also apparent from the study that although extra-curriculum activities are compulsory, for this sample of students their involvement came about in the main because of their own intrinsic interest (integrated regulation). These findings notwithstanding, two other important factors emerged from the study, which suggested that socializing with friends and developing a leadership role were key to the students’ participation in extracurriculum activities. The results suggested too that after-school activities do not have any negative implications for students’ academic work as long as they are able to manage their study timetable effectively and in fact that this type of activity is more likely to have a largely positive and lasting effect on their academic work. The paper closes by making suggestions and recommendations from the findings for future research in this area of study. Keywords:: Developing human value, extra-curricular activities, leisure activities, and beneficial outcomes. INTRODUCTION A keen interest in learning more about participation behaviours in active leisure and physical activity has developed in Asia in recent years. What has also emerged with this trend is an increasing focus on sedentary behaviours. For example, the study conducted by Ng (1984) showed that watching television was the main leisure interest amongst young people in Hong Kong, leading the author to conclude that young people were in the main inactive. Salman (2001) also focused her work on the sedentary activities of Malaysian women, suggesting that a lack of time and appropriate facilities as well as inactive lifestyles were the key barriers to more active participation in leisure and physical activity. The focus of this type of research then has been on barriers to participation and sedentary habits and lifestyles, instead of exploring in more depth the reasons why some young people do actively get involved in more vigorous leisure and physical activity. In response to the limitations of extant empirical studies then the purpose of this empirical investigation was to explore and understand the positive experiences of students who are involved in extra-curriculum activities such as Scouts, Red Creasant, and Cadets during high school (In

The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning Vol. 3, Num. 1, July 2007


Malaysia, it is compulsory to attend extra-curriculum activities outside school hours and this may take place after school and during weekends). A subsidiary aim of the study was to investigate the implications of providing extra-curriculum activities for academic facilitators. The extra-curriculum or co-curriculum continues to be a popular program of after-school activity that...
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