Developing an Effective Risk Managementassessment

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Developing an effective risk management assessment

Today’s society has brought risk at each level of society. Risk is no long just in the corporate world, but within the criminal justice and security areas. Identifying and planning according to the risk within the justice and security areas is ever changing. Knowing the resources available is the first step to developing a plan to protect and service the public. The risk planning for justice and security is similar to what a security firm would do for a corporation, but on a larger scale. Law enforcement needs to put the risk in order of importance. When law enforcement is developing a risk management plan they need to accommodate for the cost of enforcing the plan. To balance the cost developers need to show the benefits and consequences of a risk management plan. Each one of these steps needs to occur if a risk management plan is to be effective.

Knowing the resources available and planning for the risks

Knowing and completely understanding the threats provides law enforcement an advantage in preparing for a range of risk and challenges. The risk that criminals, terrorists, and extremists practice are striking society when and where these organization are ready and they perceive law enforcement is absent or is lease likely ready. Development of risk plans by law enforcement need to recognize potential risk and plan accordingly to counter external or internal risk in society. The correct assessment provides the leadership with critical information and trends that impact the strategic planning. Risk management report also identify future security and operational opportunities, provide for reasoning for funding, and provide the citizens of public safety plans (Federal Bureau of Investigation, n.d.). Law enforcement agencies risk assessment should not only happen when a disaster occurs, but when a leadership change happens, procedural or a physical security modification happens. Analytical risk assessment and security risk assessments should both be developed and use when identifying risk to law enforcement. These reports provide managers with the types of security programs to lower risk, justify the funding and resources that are requested, and describe methods of improving security in the entire law enforcement organization. Analytical risk assessment and security risk assessments a picture of the current threats, risk, vulnerabilities, and assets of a law enforcement agency. Analytical risk assessment offer methods of examining security and operational readiness and cost-effective countermeasures. With security risk assessment the finding provide information to make informed Decision. When these two assessments are used, law enforcement improves the ability to face the risks that are current and that happen with no warning (Federal Bureau of Investigation, n.d.).

Managing risk within justice and security organizations


The first area law enforcement examines when managing risk to the organization is the people. The more personnel the organization employs the more security and challenges it faces. The organization must provide current technology to ensure the personnel can carrier out the duties to provide security to mitigate the risk. Ensure personnel are protected allows for the protection of society. The society and law enforcement personnel need each other to prevent the risk to security from occurring. The manner that the organization can accomplish this is conducting refresher training, and asking the personnel who ride everyday on the streets what they see as developing risk (Federal Bureau of Investigation, n.d.).


Prior to September 11, 2001 America’s law enforcement data came from several avenues and agencies. The years following the attack this has expanded not just within the United States but worldwide. No longer is information gathered or shared by personnel but along with the advancement in electronic and Internet...
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