Develop a Systematic Approach to Managing Oh

Topics: Policy, Occupational safety and health, Security Pages: 6 (2083 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Qualification Title| Advanced Diploma of Management (BSB60407)| Unit Code and Name| BSBOHS601B: Develop a Systematic Approach To Managing OHS| Assessment No & Type|

PART A: MAINTAIN STORE SAFETY – 70 Marks [14 * 5 Marks] Assume that you are working in a retail store as a manager. For doing this assessment, you can visit the following website In a written report of not more than 1100 words state how you would: a. Inform team members of what the store policy and procedures in your store, in regard to Occupational Health and Safety and emergency procedures are b. Ensure access for team members to store OH&S policy and procedures c. Clearly and accurately explain relevant provisions of OHS legislation and codes of practice to team members d. Regularly provide clear and accurate information on identified hazards and risk control procedures to team members e. Provide opportunities and processes for team members to consult and contribute on OHS issues according to store policy f. Promptly resolve issues raised or refer to relevant personnel according to store policy g. Promptly convey outcomes of issues raised on OHS matters to team members h. Implement Store Policy and Procedures with regard to identification, prevention, and reporting of potential hazards i. Take prompt action to deal with hazardous events to identify cause and report any inadequacies in risk control measures or resource allocation for risk control to relevant personnel j. Implement and monitor control measures to prevent recurrence and minimise risks of unsafe and hazardous events according to store policy and hierarchy of control k. Handle and store hazardous goods according to store policy and OHS legislation l. Maintain equipment according to store policy and OHS regulations m. Monitor team performance to ensure use of safe manual handling techniques n. Implement store emergency policy and procedures promptly in the event of an emergency o. Identify OHS training needs specifying gaps between OHS competencies required and those held by team members p. Organise and arrange training according to store policy q. Complete and maintain OHS records regarding occupational injury and disease according to store policy and legislative requirements.| PART A: MAINTAIN STORE SECURITY – 63 Marks [9 * 7 Marks] Like before, assume that you are working in a retail store as a manager. In a written report of not more than 1300 words describe how you would: a. Implement store policy and procedures to ensure store security is maintainedThere is much information concerning the company that employees need to know and management is obligated to tell them.   The best method for disseminating this information is by providing it to the employees in the form of a written Policy Manual.A written store policy manual is also an important management tool.  It details for our employees what we expect of them.  Personnel problems are avoided because ideas of conduct, job performance and general store policy are spelled out in writing.  The excuse "You didn't tell me" can not be used when employee problems arise.  A growing company especially needs a continuously updated policy manual to keep its employees fully informed of all the changes occurring in company philosophy as well as policy.In writing the Policy Manual, keep in mind that it will be used by supervisors to resolve any disputes or initiate disciplinary action, and should, therefore, be written in such a way that it supports them in this endeavor.A Policy Manual should answer some of the most important questions employees ask.  For example, prohibitions against drinking and drug use on the job, performance review, holidays, vacations, benefits, leave of absence, work hours, personal hygiene grooming as well as dress codes and other critical policies that often affect morale.  However, don't...
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