Develop Professional Relationships with Children and Young People

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Learning outcome 3 Assessment criteria 3.5

|Explain when and how to refer other adults to |Parents: Concerned that their child is having difficultly in a particular subject may fell the need |Tutor’s comments: | |further sources of information, advice or support.|to contact the school to set up a meeting with the class teacher, year of head or principal. | | | |The teacher can help to resolve an issue by advising parents on a solution to best help their child. | | | |By creating a strong home/school link this will to assist and maintain the child/young person | | | |learning. There will be a running record taken with a review to see if the process has been | | | |successful or there is a case for external professionals to advice. | | | | | | | |Staff Members: By creating an open channel of communication to help refer staff members to further | | | |sources of information, advice or support and always remembering to respect the confidentially as to | | | |any matters of concerned. Staff members...
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