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Topics: Economic growth, Investment, Economics Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: March 14, 2013
2011-2016 Philippine Midterm Development Plan Overview
“In Pursuit of Inclusive Growth”, is the major framework of PNOYs MTDP for his term. This has been formulated learning from the past mistakes of the previous administrations. Inclusive growth connotes an economic growth that takes account of poverty alleviation, providing opportunities for the poor. The plan is also in line with the “social contract” of the administration. The Social Contract envisions “a country with an organized and shared rapid expansion of our economy through a government dedicated in honing and mobilizing our people’s skills and energies as well as the responsible harnessing of our natural resources.” The plan also focuses on initiatives that will ensure the stability and growth of a macroeconomic environment. It outlines the imperatives for a globally competitive and innovative industry and services sectors that will provide opportunity for every Filipino to pursue gainful employment. In the same manner, it pushes for a competitive, sustainable, and technology-based agriculture and fishery sector. It also aims to accelerate the provision of physical infrastructure to support the economic sectors, and ensure equitable access to infrastructure services especially health education and housing. A healthy, dynamic and financial system as envisioned in the plan will gainfully contribute to sustainable and equitable growth. The plan also summarizes the strategy for greater transparency, good governance accountability and the pursuit of the rule of law as a precondition for national development. It also translates inclusive growth by ensuring improvement in the lives of all Filipinos through equitable access to adequate and quality social services and assets. To ensure that every Filipino participates and benefits from socioeconomic gains, the plan advances the peace process and guarantees national security to break the vicious cycle of conflict...
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