Deutsche Bank Sustainability Essay

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Who They Are
Deutsche Bank, as stated by Wikipedia's Deutsche Bank page, was founded in 1870 as a specialist bank for foreign trade in Berlin. They now are a global financial service bank headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with the investment bank division head-quartered in London, United Kingdom. DB is a leader in Europe and is continuously growing in North America, Asia and key emerging markets. They currently have more than 100,000 employees in 73 countries Deutsche Bank’s mission statement is: “We compete to be the leading global provider of financial solutions, creating lasting value for our clients, our shareholders, our people and the communities in which we operate” ("Company," Deutsche Bank). They do this by promoting sustainability in the way that takes the three Ps (People, Planet, and Profit) into consideration. Products

Deutsche bank as numerous financial products they are all categorized under Corporate & Investment Bank or Private Clients & Asset Management. Corporate & Investment Bank
Under the corporate/investment side DB has several products that assist corporations and investors in running smoothly as well as being more green. As stated on DB's Website, their products include: global markets, risk management, research, global banking: Asset Finance & Leasing, Global Banking – Public Sector, and Corporate Finance Global Markets “helps environmental technology and renewable energy companies to raise and invest capital, to move capital from one country to another and to protect themselves against risk.” ("Markets." Deutsche Bank) They do this by providing clients with different means of sustainable investing including but limited to bonds, IPOs, private placements, securities trading mainly in renewable energy, commodities, FX carbon credits (co2 emissions contracts) to list a few. The also provide strategic advice on a company to company basis. Research mainly deals with carbon credits and emissions. “Deutsche Bank gained the top products structuring position for trading Certified Bank” ("Renewed Confidence,”Energy Risk, 2009) DB's emissions research team analyzes the market on a regular basis and produces reports on their findings that are then reviewed by top executives.

Global Banking: Asset Finance & Leasing (AFL) “is a worldwide operating business area providing comprehensive advisory, arranging and financing services for durable and high-value assets and projects.” ("Asset Finance & Leasing," Deutsche Bank)

The Global Banking: Public Sector supports changes that help increase financial leeway and sustainability in the German federal state, local authorities, churches, social security system and other public-sector institutions. They have “38 colleagues at 23 offices (that) support not only local authorities, but a total of 29 customer groups, from local utilities via community institutions to pension funds and insurances and savings banks.” ("Public Sector," Deutsche Bank)

Corporate Finance efforts in addressing the climate change centre around DB's renewable energy initiative. They aim to develop and deliver climate change-related banking solutions for their priority clients. As well as strengthening awareness, they also advise our clients of the challenges and the opportunities presented by climate change. (“Corporate Finance,” Deutsche Bank)

Private Clients & Asset Management

Under the Private Clients & Asset Management side DB has products that help the lay man to manage their finances in a sustainable way. Their products include: private wealth management, dws and institutional asset management Their Private Wealth Management business sector has been offering sustainable investment products to clients for several years. They offer diverse public funds, individual wealth management mandates, and issue specific funds solutions.

DWS, the mutual fund branch of DB, “has outstanding expertise in all important markets worldwide. Its international network enables it to...
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