Detroit Race Riot

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Black people, Racism Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: July 25, 2008
The Detroit Race Riot of 1943

Race has been an issue that America has fought and struggled with since the Founding Fathers laid down its foundation. While American soldiers were fighting in World War II, there was also fighting on American soil between different races. African Americans and whites were having confrontations all over, but Detroit happened to be one of the worst confrontations between the two races. Many African Americans began to flock to Detroit for jobs in the Motor City and this began to cause problems for the city. The Detroit Race Riots can be linked to many different causes, but three main causes are: the discrimination against African Americans in the work place, the housing opportunities for each race especially the African Americans, and the discrimination against African Americans by the police force.

We are still faced with discrimination in the work place today. Sometimes people are either granted or denied jobs because of their race, gender, and personal status in the community. Work place discrimination was very evident in the Detroit Race Riot. In John Hollitz book he quotes, “Rather than integrate the workers, the companies insist in most cases in creating separate racial gangs in the factory,” (206). The factories were segregated. The African Americans were separated from working with the white workers. Although factory owners believed that separating the workers would be a good thing, it created a sense of competition between the two races. All African Americans were treated unequal in the work place, not just men. Two female workers were interviewed in Detroit during the riot time and they said they were not given the same opportunities that white women were given. African American women were hired for jobs such as elevator workers, but ended up doing the manual work that the job had to offer. Discrimination in the workplace gave way to revolting and strikes. Fights among workers were breaking out because...
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