Detrimental Effects of Teenage in the Philippines

Topics: Pregnancy, Adolescence, Teenage pregnancy Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Maderazo, Shelah Abigail S.
ORT: Detrimental Effects of Teenage in the Philippines

Teenage pregnancy is one of the major problems in the whole world. Like in other countries, Philippines also suffer this kind of problem. According to survey, teenagers from 15-24 years old are suffering teenage pregnancy. Here in the Philippines, 16.5 million teenagers suffer unwanted pregnancy. Because of this problem according to statistics, every year at least 64,000 teenagers have abortions because of the unwanted pregnancy that they are experiencing. Also according to Statistics, 20 to 25% of mothers are in their teenage years. There are so many factors why teenagers are suffering from early pregnancy. One of them is premarital sex. Premarital sex is an intercourse between young couples or primarily sex before marriage. Secondly, is the effect of mass media in the lives of the youth. Every day they are bombarded with premarital sex through television, movies, billboards with naked models, indecent magazines, etc. Thirdly, is wrong concept of “love”. For them love is the main base for relationship. This is the reason why many teenagers do this to show and prove their love to their mates. Girls are more affected with this practice because they move and act according to their emotion. Many times, girls do this out of pressure of their boyfriends to show and prove their love to them. Another factor according to studies is peer pressure. Friends are very important to teenagers. They value friendship so much. They want to fit in to their group of friends. Teenagers suffer on wrong concept of virginity. You are not in if you have no experience on sex. Virginity for them is thing of the past. Another factor is lack of sex education from parents, from the church and the school. This is the result of our thinking from the past that sex is dirty and immoral. Lastly is curiosity. Because they are curious, they get involved in it without their parents consent...
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