Topics: Detoxification, Nutrition, Toxicity Pages: 9 (3300 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Timothy Carino
Holistic Health
November 29, 2012
A method must be used to help humans’ live healthier lives. Hospitals, clinics, and health professionals are primary sectors who we often reason with when dealing with health; however, to further the life of human beings we must be more cautious to the world around us. The earth is distributes lesser gains. Each year the U.S. releases four billion pounds of toxins into our environment contaminating the air, water, soil, plants, animals, and humans (Sellman, 2009). Our resources are diminishing and changing by the minute. As the world changes our environment does too. Everything that used ours is now altered. Statistics show that the earth is producing more deprived resources than ever (Gonzales, 2009). Today, 80,000 toxins are in the airs that were not present in 1950 (Ketteler, 2011). The food we eat now is about ten times less nutritional than it was (Trudeau, p. 147). Our general concern should be our overall health as human being. The pollution of planet earth has a severe impact on our health (Sellman, 2009). We are exposed to toxins every day; we consume several hundreds of toxins in each breath (Trudeau, p. 56). We are all toxic. We need to eliminate toxins. We all need to improve our body’s ability to metabolize these toxins, however, with the abundance of chemicals in the human body our organs cannot properly function (Trudeau, p. 278). In order to achieve a healthier lifestyle we must cleanse our bodies and practice in detoxing methods. We have to clean out toxins that are raised in the human body.

The definition of a toxin is defined as a poisonous substance that grows inside a cell and within an organism (Fitzpatrick, 2003). Dr. Klinghardt states, “The presence of stored toxins causes immunity system deficiency that supports the growth of pathogens such bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasites” (Sellman, 2009). From a personal experience many toxins accumulated in my back region and neck area through the ingestion and absorption of yeast. Yeast buildup will produce little toxins called candida which clogs pores; making the outside organ (skin) to be very dry and irritable (Moore, 1998). The condition is known as candidiasis which is a fungal infection due to fungi or yeast. Candidiasis is the most common fungal infection in human because majority of Americans consume high amounts of yeast in their diets (Moore, 1998). From a personal standpoint sugars and junk food are the number reasons to cause candidiasis. The use of antibiotics is also a great way to inhibit candidiasis in the human body, making matters worse (Moore, 1998). The majority of people are dealing with a high body burden of toxins (Anonymous, 2012). We are all toxic. The toxicity is our body is unbelievable, every second we have thousands a substances harming our body tissue. The silent killer of the 21st century are toxic metals and chemicals; they over accumulate in our bodies (Embrett, 2008). External sources such as alcohol, cigarette smoke, pesticides, pollution, and poor diet all contribute to our toxicity (Ketteler, 2004). A nonprofit organization out of Tempe, Arizona tested a group of nine healthy individuals for 167 toxic compounds that are found in the human body. The average person carried 91 out those 162 toxic materials (Anonymous, 2012). Our environment is to blame. Air pollution has created the worst atmosphere known to mankind. Believe it or not the air inside is worse than the air outside. The U.S. environmental protection agency (EPA) ranks indoor air quality as the nation top five environmental risks to public health (Gonzales, 2009). Americans spend 90% of their time indoors (Gonzales, 2009). Homes, cars, workplaces, and schools are all examples of poor indoor air quality. So, how many people use mechanical heating and cooling? Lots, heating and cooling mechanism release gases and particles into the air which are the primary...
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