Determining Your Perfect Position Paper

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 4 (1281 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Determining Your Perfect Position Paper
Wilbert J. Acevedo Collazo
July, 5, 2011
Prof. Maria Gaudier


Pan Pepin is expanding and every leader has been given the opportunity to self-assessment to find the position that best suits their abilities in order to benefits the company. During the analysis will discuss my leadership style with its strengths and weakness, also my interpersonal abilities and traits that makes me a good leader. After discussing my leadership style we will determine the position that best suits me in the company and how this new position will benefit the organization to fulfill its goals.

Leadership Style
Leadership defined by (Leadership in Organizations, Seventh Edition) involves a process whereby intentional influence is exerted over other people to guide, structure, and facilitate activities and relationships in a group or organization. The leaders can influence various factors like the interpretation of external events by members, the choice of objectives and strategies to pursue, the motivation of members to achieve the objectives, the mutual trust and cooperation of members and the organization and coordination of work activities etc. I have different leadership styles that I use depends the situation I am working on. One of my leadership approaches is task oriented and every subordinate have their goals to fulfill and I expect to have results in the less time possible. I always encourage my coworkers in the importance of doing a good job and that we represent the image of the company not our self. This kind of approach has a difficulty, went working with professional that knows what they are doing and need little or none supervision it can bring conflicts. For this kind of situation I have to be more people oriented in order to gain their trust and facilitate cooperation between coworkers. Also I have a compensation plan that rewards my employees every...
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